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iPhone Developer Training Program

GogoTraining iPhone Developer Training Program Fundamentals of Operating Systems training course Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers training course Introduction to C Programming Part 1 training course Introduction to C Programming Part 2 training course Objective-C Programming training course iPhone Programming training course

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The GogoTraining iPhone Developer Training Program

As of March 2011, Apple announced they have sold 100 million iPhones worldwide so far, making it one of the most popular personal electronics devices in history. Apple's iOS, their mobile operating system based on their Mac OS X product, to run the iPhone as well as the iPod, iPad and whatever other mobile devices they might develop. Becoming an iPhone developer really means learning how to develop for the iOS, not just the iPhone device.

The popularity of these products has created an enormous global market for application developers. Individuals to corporations are using iPhone and iPad as a platform for entertainment and productivity, creating a wide range of opportunities for developers with this skill set.

  • Mobile application development is a rapidly growing field as competition for market share between iOS, Android and webOS is heated.
  • In mid-2011, a search for the iPhone skill set on popular job sites yielded approximately 1,000 open positions. On one site, iPhone development was mentioned as a desirable skill in over 4,700 open positions.
  • In 2011, the salary range for an iPhone developer is $67,000-$95,000.

iPhone Developer Training Path

Programming Essentials Pack (Optional)

Fundamentals of Operating Systems

This training course touches on all of the functions within an operating system and the interrelationships between those functions. This technical training can be used stand-alone to gain a basic understanding of all ... more

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers

This course presents programming skills to the nonprogrammer. By the end of the course you will be creating programs to calculate square roots, asking for input from the user and moving graphics ... more

C Programming (Optional)

Introduction to C Programming Part 1

This training introduces you to the C programming language. You will start with the layout of a C program and venture into control statements, loops, functions and basic I/O. Your development skills will ... more

Introduction to C Programming Part 2

In this Introduction to C Programming Part 2 online training, you will learn more complex data types such as arrays, structures and pointers. Solid programming techniques will continue to be emphasized ... more

iPhone Programming (Core Courses)

Objective-C Programming

The Objective-C course teaches you the foundations of the Objective-C programming language, the Xcode development environment, and the Cocoa programming framework. You will use Cocoa to create ... more

iOS 7 Programming

The iOS 5 Programming course teaches you how to create applications that will work either on the iPhone or iPad. Much of the iPhone SDK. Using a clear step-by-step lecture, followeb by specific lab exercises you will ... more

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