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At GogoTraining our mission is to help you master the world by unlocking your full potential. We do that by working with technology masters to create curriculum paths in key technologies. These paths allow you to jump in at the level that is right for you so you can master the technology and unlock your full potential.

The Mind Behind GogoTraining

The Creator of GogoTraining has been in the field of education and training for 26 years even though she only admits to being 32. Marianne grew up in the world of education. Her parents were both professors at Michigan State University and she traveled the world with her father who was the Director of International Extension for Michigan State. When she created GogoTraining her mission was to bring high quality knowledge transfer courses to the global community at a price everyone could afford. If you would like to talk to Marianne, AKA the creator, you can email her directly at, creator@gogotraining.com.

So What Does GogoTraining Do?

GogoTraining works with industry experts to transform their successful classroom courses into successful online courses so students can take the same high quality classroom courses online anytime at a time that fits into their schedule and at a price they can afford. In addition to creating the successful GogoTraining course library, GogoTraining licenses its learning management system and creates courses for organizations. If you or your organization have courses and need to come up with a way to deliver those courses economically to your employees or customers, contact Marianne directly at creator@gogotraining.com.

What Makes GogoTraining's Courses So Unique?

GogoTraining gives you the best 24/7. That means that you and your people take courses from the best expert instructors in the world. These are people that work and teach in their field and create courses that are designed for your success. You learn the truth about the technology and its capabilities because the instructors are not owned by the company that created the technology. That means you will learn the good points and the bad points and most importantly how to get around the points of the technology that may not be so good. Courses are updated as technology changes and all versions are clearly marked on the courses so you know exactly what you are learning.

The GogoTraining Advantage

  • Expert instructors with 20+ years industry experience
  • Vetted knowledge transfer classroom courses used in every video
  • Hands-on exercises reinforce learning
  • Instructors seen in every presentation to engage learners
  • Quiz modules help students enhance knowledge retention
  • Transcripts used to measure progress
  • Letters of attendance to mark a job well done
  • Mobile device ready – no app required

You Learn More Online Than In The Classroom

High retention rates are critical to the success of the individual and the organization. Traditional classroom courses have a retention rate as low as 20% 30 days following the training because once you take the course the instructor is gone and there is no one to learn from. Online learning, on the other hand, reverses the scale and increases retention rates as much as 40 to 60% in the same time period leaving the student with a retention rate of 60 to 80%. The reason is that the students have the ability to repeat and rewind as many times as they need to in order to master the materials. Learn online and you have the opportunity to learn more and become a technology master.

GogoTraining Content

GogoTraining offers over 2,000 learning modules. GogoTraining is an Authorize Training Provider for the complete 11 course ITIL Library, ISO/IEC 20000, COBIT 5 and IT Asset Management. In addition GogoTraining offers test prep courses in Linux, Java, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP. GogoTraining also offer content in critical technology areas including IPv6, Mobile App Programming, Networking, Storage, and Data Center Management. To view the full course catalog, Click Here.

Your Formula for Success

Tech Pro's need the very best resources at their fingertips. The GogoTraining platform offers tech pro's in every corner of the world, from the individual running a small IT shop to the largest corporations in the world, wherever there is an internet connection, the opportunity to learn. Knowledge provides the foundation to create the future. And, when you spark the creative process you light the idea that might change the world.

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