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ITIL 4 Speciallist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil course follows the syllabus closely covering 5 key ITIL practises important for Service Operations. The topics are organised to service dimensions and rather "dry" by default. However, the instructor David had consistently used examples to illustrate these dry concepts, which made subsequent revision (reading from practises) easier.

-- Ng Jun Jie

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The course was great - interesting and easy to listen to. The exam was difficult, and I ended up doing a lot more studying than I had for other exams, but the training was great.

-- Dale W.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The amount of detail of concepts provided in this course was very essential.

-- Foster D.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Great instructor. Quizzes were really helpful!

-- Selam K.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Excellent content, easy to follow course.

-- Cheryl A.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Dr. Van Hove is an outstanding teacher! Thanks to her practical and focused teaching, I scored 39/40 on the ITIL Foundation exam. Her lectures are clear, concise, and directly aligned with what you need to know for the exam.

-- Bhrat Brij

ITIL 4 Foundation - Very satisfied with the overall service, great material and sterling customer support. Well Done!

-- Chris A.

ITIL 4 Foundation - It was incredible, thank you.

-- Oluwasegun A.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Excellent!!!

-- Adriano M.

ITIL 4 Foundation - I did complete the training, and to be honest, I actually really enjoyed the instructor and her knowledge.  I’ve been in this business for a very long time, but to be honest, ITIL 4 has never once been brought up… but working with PM teams, working with Engineering teams, with C level leadership, Sales teams, Support teams, etc.  – I can basically see how everything applies to the business – parts that would be PM focused, parts that would be engineering focused, parts that should be sales focused, and of course the parts that are support focused.  This has been an eye opener!

-- Robert C.

ITIL 4 Foundation - It’s good to have the video training across the ITIL 4 Foundation.  The mini Quiz is great help for understanding of basic concepts and the simulated exam at the end of the course were all good for a learner.

-- Yang S.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The course, materials and the overall support from GogoTraining exceeds all expectations, as always. A pleasure to interact with GogoTraining. Thanks Team!

-- Eduardo P.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Great courses. Really informative. Broke it down nicely. Great teacher.

-- Daniel H.

ITIL 4  Leader: Digital and IT Strategy - This is the first time I have used this type of training so it took a bit of discipline to settle into a routine. While I did miss the face to face and the team I found that being able to view the videos multiple times a huge advantage. I did get a little carried away with a take over the world approach to the assignments. Thankfully Dr Van Hove set me straight. I could go on but I think the fact I have asked my company to let me do another course with Gogo says it all. Thank you.

-- William Cleverly

ITIL 4 Foundation - Course videos were well put together and easy to follow. Along with supplemental reading material (the official book) felt very prepared for the exam and would recommend GogoTraining to anyone asking, along with coming back for future exams.

-- Aman T.

ITIL 4 Foundation - I was very happy with the quality of the training provided and how prepared I felt to take the exam. Dr. Van Hove does a great job presenting the material in an easy to understand format.

-- Nathan L.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The course content is brief, simplified and easy to make you understand. Those 2 mock exams helped me to understand everything more easily.

-- Nelly Ponegelo

ITIL 4 Foundation - Excellent. Good Value and really helped me pass the exam and get the certification.

-- Sree N.

ITIL 4 Foundation - It helped me to understand some of my weaknesses key definitions SVS and SVC and their use. Passed the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam. Thanks to you.

-- Paolo D.

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy - Good evening, I successfully passed the ITIL 4 DITS exam with a score of 90% :) . Thank you to Dr. Suzanne Van Hove for her excellent training and grading of my assignment.

-- Sherrina Job

GogoTraining Customer Service - I would like to express my gratitude to GogoTraining for the support, for the great customer service, for the very knowledgeable trainers and for the perfect preparation for the ITIL exams. The courses are really the best way to take the ITIL exams, very well structured, with practical examples and assignments and focusing on the important topics, ensuring the success. GogoTraining was and is my best company during my ITIL journey, I cannot imagine ITIL training or exam without GogoTraining anymore!  Thank you one more time!

-- Radosveta Delcheva

ITIL 4 Foundation - Dr Suzanne is awesome, I really loved the way this training was structured.

-- Rene

ITIL 4 Leader:  Digital & IT Strategy - First of all BIG THANKS again, the DITS exam is done! You are the most incredible training organisation I ever had experienced! Keep up the good work!

-- Radosveta Delcheva

ITIL 4 Leader - Digital & IT Strategy - I've been a Gogo Customer for a pretty long period of time, and I know what to expect (very high level of professionalism). I've received precisely that, as always. Thanks Gogo!

-- Sava Isakovic

ITIL 4 Foundation - 100% perfect

-- Maysoon O.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The training is well designed and explained for the exam. Thank you!

-- Mark C.

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy Practical Assignments - I am very grateful and proud for those comments. The quality of the course is also notable, we continue together for other courses and also to recommend other people.

Dr. Van Hove's comments are a source of great happiness and pride.

-- Daniel Sorokins

ITIL 4 Foundation - The quizzes and practice tests were similar to the actual exam and I was prepared for the exam.  Your company's class and materials were very helpful. I may take more classes in the future.


-- Jeff Lung

ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil - David was a fantastic instructor and did a great job covering a wide range of topics for the course. He balanced covering the specific examinable content with offering helpful real world examples and made the content easy to consume. Very pleased overall!

-- West R.

ITIL 4 Foundation - A well-organized course accompanied by comprehensive practice examinations facilitated my successful completion of the ITIL exam. I am grateful for the affordable examination fees offered by GogoTraining. My future endeavors in ITIL certification will undoubtedly involve continued collaboration with this esteemed organization.

-- E.S.

ITIL 4 Foundation  - I thought the materials and path for the training prepared me well for the exam.

-- Lon C.

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy - I took my DITS exam tonight and passed! I wanted to thank the GoGo Training staff (especially customer service) and I would ask that you share the message with Dr. Van Hove for me please. She and GoGo training have carried me through my ITIL training journey from the ITIL 3 intermediate certs that took me to Expert and on to the ITIL 4 through the Managing Professional bridge course and now this one. I am on to the Specialist course to attain ITIL master and I am so grateful to you all for helping me along the way. Thank you so much, Chris.

-- Chris Wells

ITIL 4 Foundation - The site interface is really good. Easy to find the materials for the course. I like the organization of it. I did not have any issues at all with IT. The actual content is not on you, but this subject is a bit dry, but important to understand.

-- Sergio S.B.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The content is very dry, but how you present it is the best that I've seen.

-- Ellie E.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove was great at presenting the information and concepts for what I found to be otherwise dry material.

-- Arielle S.

ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Best course ever! ;-)

-- Sebastien I.

ITIl 4 Foundation - Thank you for providing great service and replying promptly as you stated. I will look forward to the next steps from GogoTraining.

-- Ben S.

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy - As always, the practical discussion from Dr. Van Hove is the best.

-- Rhonda Downing

ITIL 4 Foundation - The most valuable part of the course was being able to go at my own pace.

-- Francis C.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Very well structured, organised and well paced. I learnt a lot from this course and the trainer was highly knowledgeable and skilled.

-- Andrew H.

GogoTraining Customer Service  - My experience with GogoTraining has been great. Should I require training, GogoTraining is where I will go. The quick response and hassle free service has been greatly appreciated!

-- Manny Poole

ITIL 4 Foundation - Great course, focused on the exam. Studied for one weekend and nailed this one. Looking fw to continue certification, but waiting for a special price/package. Thanks GogoTraining!

-- Chandni T.

ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Great Course, enjoyed the format.  Will use Gogo again for future renewal courses.

-- Jason K.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The training was very good and the instructor was well versed in the ITIL 4 concepts. The practice exams and quizzes were good. I passed on the first try and used the Gogo Training as my main source of learning.

-- Jon J.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Well organized, clear content, but the quizzes and practice exams were invaluable!

-- Charles R.

ITIL 4 Foundation - I thought the course was very well structured with easy to access videos, quizzes, and practice tests.

-- Matthew V.

ITIL 4 Foundation - All I can say is Dr. Suzanne Van Hove is an excellent facilitator!

-- Lwamkelo N.

ITIL 4 Foundation - I feel that GogoTraining's trainer has explained the material in a very understandable way, that boosts up my confidence very much.  Also, the practice tests given has been formulated very well that gave me sense that my understanding of the material are well verified thoroughly.  Thank you GogoTraining team.

-- Andi W.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The course and the practice exams prepared me extremely well. I got 90% :D thank you very much.

-- J.Johnson

ITIL 4 Foundation - GogoTraining was awesome! The transactions were smooth, and the training videos, as well as the other relevant materials provided really helped me pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam! I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues! Such an affordable price as well!

Regarding the mock exam, it really helped me to do my last-minute reviews - which topic/s to focus the most, how the questions are structured and how the exam will be conducted. Upon finishing the actual exam, the topic/s where I scored less on the mock exam got better/higher scores (I got a higher overall score as well on the actual)! I would definitely recommend it to future exam takers.

-- John G.

ITIL 4  Foundation - A very good online course at a very reasonable cost. The course presenter explained things well, gave helpful extra context based on experience and got the pacing exactly right. Exactly what you need to pass the ITIL exam without any unnecessary waffle.  Would definitely use Gogo again!

-- Trefor J.

ITIL 4 Foundation - A very good online course at a very reasonable cost. The course presenter explained things well, gave helpful extra context based on experience and got the pacing exactly right. Exactly what you need to pass the ITIL exam without any unnecessary waffle. 

Would definitely use Gogo again!

-- Trefor J.

ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The course instructor was thorough and provided relevant information for the exam.

-- Vendale W.

GogoTraining Customer Service - The customer service and friendly folks at Gogo Training always make everything so easy to resolve!

-- Alison Holden

ITIL 4 Foundation  - The most valuable part was just everything as a whole. The price for the exam was a win. The course materials are plentiful and thorough, and the videos are attention-holding. As someone who has a very short attention span I absolutely LOVE Dr. Suzanne Van Hove. The way she flawlessly delivered the reviews made the information much more easily understood. She's amazing, a master at her craft.

-- Tamyra M.

ITIL 4 Specialist:  Monitor, Support & Fulfil - I highly recommend GoGo Training's ITIL 4 Monitor, Support, and Fulfil course. The content is comprehensive and the trainer, David Cannon stands out with his expertise and engaging teaching style, making the subject matter accessible and practical. This is the 2nd course I’ve completed with GoGo and wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another as they’re absolutely great!


-- James Marchant

ITIL 4 Foundation - Good overview, helpful exam test at the end, course helped me with passing my exam.

-- Sandor E.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The training material provided was excellent! To the point and with key concepts being revisited along the way, it all made sense across different parts of the system.

The course was a long list of short videos with a quiz scattered here and there, so it was also easy to revisit areas that needed a second viewing, as well as building confidence in my understanding of the material.

I can recommend this course to tie all the reading I did on ITIL 4 Foundation together, and with this you are able to make sense of it all.

Suzanne was clearly knowledgeable, a great presenter and managed to throw in tid bids and key (para)phrases here and there, making the course both entertaining and useful.

-- Patrick Dorning

ITIL 4 Foundation - I just had to share my recent experience with and their ITIL training services. I'm genuinely impressed and felt it was worth a shoutout here.  I made my purchase over the weekend, not expecting much until Monday. But to my surprise, they contacted me within a few minutes! That's right, less than half an hour after buying their package, I had my exam voucher in hand. Talk about efficiency!  The training sessions are excellent - concise, engaging, and comprehensive in covering ITIL concepts. They perfectly balance theory with practical examples, greatly aiding my ITIL Foundations V4 exam prep.

-- FC

ITIL 4 Foundation -  As an IT Director I just want to say you all are a shining example of great customer service.

-- JT

ITIL 4 Foundation - That was a detailed and well explained session. Very helpful for easy navigation, user friendly and crystal clear training from the trainer.

-- B.K.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Suzanne is a really great instructor!

-- B.K.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The most valuable part of the course was that the instructor clearly has a broad range of knowledge in service management and is able to deliver the information in a clear way.

-- Connor G.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Thanks to David and GogoTraining, I achieved my much-desired ITIL 4 Master certification.

On a personal level, I must highlight that David was my first instructor in ITIL 2 Foundation, and, as I always tell him, he is "guilty" of my decision to dedicate my professional career to how to incorporate ITIL and other best practices in the IT areas. Today, I managed to achieve this goal, and David again played a key role in this.

As soon as GogoTraining and Marianne announced the offer for this course, I decided to purchase it for all the value it provides. Like all GogoTraining courses, ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil includes not only all the explanatory videos for each topic but also excellent examples by the instructor and additional course material along with two model exams.

David's explanations and examples are precise and help clarify concepts. Although I did not participate in the forum, the questions and answers asked by the rest of the participants and the instructor helped to clarify doubts.

Once again, a big thank you to GogoTraining and David for making it possible to reach my goal in 2023.

-- G.E.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The instructor led course was very helpful along with the resources provided such as guides and study materials.  I was able to study and review at my own pace which I appreciated.  I was prepared for my exam and passed on the first attempt.

-- Brian V.

ITIL 4 Foundation - The training was well organized and tailored to the course and exam. Every bit of information and tips I got from your GogoTraining was significant in helping me pass the exam without stress.

-- U.M.

ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: Digital & IT Strategy - The assignments strengthened my understanding of the DITS content. Rather than the typical watch, read, memorize, and test process of the previous course, the assignments required me to think about how the topics were related. I wanted to share that I have enjoyed completing your ITIL v4 courses. I have completed a lot of training over my many years in IT, and your format and explanations of the critical information have removed all of the anxiety of sitting for the exams. I’ve passed every exam with high scores. Thank you

-- Thaddeus Shegos

ITIL 4 Specialist:  Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Instructors with known experience, example cases and valuable recommendations during all course videos, quality material and always quick response to queries. Very thankful.

-- Daniel Sorokins

ITIL 4 Foundation - The course was comprehensive, and broken down into small parts that made it easier to keep track of, as well as do in increments. The course instructor was knowledgeable and insightful and able to present the information in a clear and concise manner that made it better for knowledge retention. Overall the course was great and very helpful.

-- Justin M.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Very good, approachable and easy to understand explanation. Dr Van Hove is an excellent instructor who manages to transfer her knowledge on ITIL very well.

-- Jurian V H

ITIL 4 Foundation - Thank you so much. I really appreciate your really fast support when I needed help. I will recommend you guys.  I also must say I loved the video course by Dr. Suzanne Van Hove.

-- Fadi C.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Good instructor, which is important for recorded learning.

-- Nathan Ford

ITIL 4 Foundation - The entire course was very straight to the point and easy to understand if you have read the official book before as recommended. I was totally satisfied with the service received and will choose GogoTraining again for future trainings.

-- Daniel Illes

ITIL 4 Foundation  - It was overall a very good course. Dr. Suzanne Van Hove is a wonderful instructor. Specific topics/subject areas highlighted in the course materials closely matched what I saw in the exam. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who's considering to get certified for ITIL 4 Foundation.

-- Royce C.

ITIL 4 Foundation - I recently completed the ITIL 4.0 Foundation course, and I must say it was an extremely valuable experience. The course provided a comprehensive overview of IT service management, from principles to practices, and helped me gain a deep understanding of ITIL concepts. 

The instructor's knowledge and the course materials were top-notch, making the learning process engaging and informative. I appreciate how it not only covered theoretical aspects but also real-world applications, which I can readily implement in my professional role. 

Overall, I highly recommend the ITIL 4.0 Foundation course to anyone looking to enhance their IT service management skills and knowledge.

-- Assumpta Chibueze

ITIL 4 Foundation - The videos and the presentations were very well organized and made my learning of ITIL 4 Foundation very smooth. The instructor, Dr. Suzanne Van Hove was great at explaining the ITIL 4 Foundation in detail but yet easy to remember. I'm glad I chose this training.

-- Hideatsu H.

ITIL 4 Specialist:  Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Thank you so much! Thanks to your support and the great training content, I was able to achieve the ITIL 4 Master designation today! :).  Really appreciate how supportive and responsive you were throughout the process. The training was clear, to-the-point, and everything a candidate would need was made available. I have already referred you to my colleagues, who have purchased or in the process of purchasing these courses.  Once again, many thanks for for making this a great experience!

-- MO

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy - Both ITIL v4 DITS & MSF exams passed earlier today. ITIL v4 Master bagged. Thank you very much for all your assistance along the way.

-- Hakeem Otulana

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy -  I’d also like to mention what a great user experience I’ve have with GogoTraining both in terms of the website and training materials as well as customer service. I’ve already booked my next ITIL 4 course with you and would definitely recommend you folks as excellent at what you do.

-- James Marchant

ITIL 4 Foundation  - GogoTraining gave me the best value for my money and I felt very prepared for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. I have already recommended my coworkers go through Gogo when they are ready for their ITIL 4 Foundation certification!

-- Bryce Chilcote

ITIL 4 Foundation - The most valuable part of the course was the analogies she used to clarify how these practices are implemented.

-- Assumpta Chibueze

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - Good course, highly skilled trainer and manageable content. The package was attractively priced for the early birds.

-- Raymond Saint-Cyrel

ITIL 4 Foundation - Thank you very much! Exactly what I wanted. This course helped me to pass the exam.

-- Tural Samadli

ITIL 4 Foundation - The training was very relevant and resulted in my being completely prepared for the exam. I scored a 98% on the exam, and the GogoTraining course definitely played a big part!

-- Leo H.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - As one of the core authors of ITIL 4, David's breadth and depth of knowledge in the subject matter shines through the entire MSF course. His examples are on-point and easy to understand.  I was able to pass the MSF exam at first take and arguably became my country's first ITIL 4 Master in part largely for this course.  So thank you, GogoTraining and David - Hope you know how much I appreciate you guys being part of my ITIL journey.

-- Larnelle Feliciano

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - Very well done as always. GogoTraining is really setting the bar for online delivery of these courses. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks, Paul Leedell.

-- Paul Leedell

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The online training delivery model is easy and simple. No distractions and easy to jump in and out as time permits. Best part, GogoTraining staff are very responsive to questions and feedback. Bravo Teams!

-- Dyric Ramirez

ITIL 4 Foundation - The material is fruitful, Dr. Suzanne Van Hove's presentation is active and clear, also able to make me understand the framework and well-prep for the exam. Customer support was great. Thank you.

-- Ann L.

ITIL 4 Specialist: Monitor, Support & Fulfil - The most valuable part of the course was David Cannon and his delivery. David offered great insight and examples based on his years of experience. Thanks David and team.

-- David Barrow

ITIL 4 Foundation - Thank you for your assistance. I am happy to report that I have passed the exam. The course was extremely helpful in preparing me for it. 

-- Franco Vicencio

ITIL 4 Foundation - Course was fantastic and I appreciated the level of content.  It was not overwhelming and offered the perfect level of learning I needed.  The competency checks along the way really helped me learn it.

-- Matt Grither

 ITIL 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value - The instructor is very knowledgeable about the material. The additional compliment I have, other than the instructor's large amount of knowledge about the topic, is her response time to questions. Hands down the best response time I have ever seen. It was great to ask a question and get a response so quickly. Very very impressed and satisfied.

-- Harry J.

ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve - Good value. Excellent course for those of us that prefer self-paced studies. The video lectures are relevant and cover the subjects. Test exams are also well-made and relevant and the difficulty level is about the same as the real exam (I scored very similar on the gogo training test exams as I did the next day on the real exam).

-- Sven B.

ITIL 4 Foundation - GogoTraining is a fantastic solution for self-paced learning. Their site is easy to navigate, the courses are fantastic, and the competency checks along the way really helped me determine if I absorbed the content or needed a refresh. What makes me want to use Gogo Training again is the customer service. They go above and beyond for learners to make the experience high class. I can’t wait until I can sign up for the next course

-- Matt Grither

ITIL 4 Foundation - After doing research on forums regarding the best value I could find, I decided between this and a competitor that is also of good value, however, with the communication I received for the video study guide access for a month, as well as, the exam voucher and a retake at the most competitive price on the market; this sold me and I gave it a chance.  After a month of study I challenged the exam 1st time and passed!  

Dr. Suzanne Van Hove is very helpful with teaching the course and breaks things down easily to understand.  The quizzes are very helpful, and so are the two practice exams at the end.

I do recommend this for anybody interested in getting their ITIL 4 Foundation cert!

-- Johnny Tan

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - I like how the course, material, lesson, practical discussions and demonstrations with scenario talk points help align with what I personally do day to day in my line of work.  It's relieving to know I'm on the right track with the right mindset aligned with Best Practice.  The validation was very welcome.

-- Kenric Wong

ITIL 4 Foundation - I'm so glad I found this deal on cert prep and exam voucher. Not only was it the cheapest but it was exactly what I needed to pass. I studied for about 4 days and passed with a 90%. I watched the course videos, did the practice exercises and sample tests and completed the suggested reading. The reading covered the questions that were not in the sample tests. I am glad I didn't purchase additional practice tests because I would've wasted my money. They were not necessary. This course has everything you need. Thank you GoGo.

-- Natalia Ponce

ITIL 4 Foundation - I think that Dr. Van Hove is an excellent instructor. Her passion and expert knowledge is extremely helpful and was one of the key aspects that I felt added a little extra to the course materials. The information was broken down into manageable portions and it was straightforward. I felt more confident than I have before in testing for something like the ITIL certification after watching and utilizing the learning material from this course. And considering rising costs of the ITIL exam, you can't beat the price of the learning material + exam voucher.

-- Jessica D.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Found you on Reddit and was a bit skeptical because of the great price. But I thought the voucher alone would be worth it but I was wrong. The course material was really the great deal. I only used your material and passed the exam with 88% in 15 minutes. 


-- Edgar Martinez

ITIL 4 Foundation - Wanted to say that your course material is great and made me feel much more confident about taking the ITIL exam. I just took it an hour ago and passed with a 95%. Thank you!

-- Jessica Del Fuoco

ITIL 4 Foundation - I did my ITIL v3 expert many years ago through GoGoTraining and I signed up with GogoTraining for v4 as well. Dr. Suzanne Van Hove is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and the training videos contain good information and practical examples. Another very important aspect for me was the pricing and special offers. I'm very happy overall.

-- Pat P.

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy - The instruction was well done and the supporting documentation and references properly prepared me to pass the test.

-- Paul Hinsberg

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy - I'm very pleased with the course I've taken. The instructor was very clear in the lesson and was very quick and helpful in the assignments

-- Lorenzo Baldi

Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) - The most valuable part of this course was the instructor's anecdotal examples. I have 18 years of experience in software asset management. Several of the topics elicited a chuckle from me. I have dealt with many of the same situations. It's essential for new software asset management professionals to level-set their expectations.

-- Alexander K.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The course was helpful in preparing for the exam. I knew that the points they emphasized would be tested in some manner during the exam. Their perspective provided the appropriate mindset to identify the correct answer. Their advice to read the books made a difference. I played the videos several times and read the material identified in the syllabus and passed the test. Thanks.

-- David P.

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) - The training was very relevant to my everyday tasks/roles/responsibilities.

-- Angelica C.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The course was taught by experienced ITIL teachers Suzanne and Doug.   They made the course enjoyable.

-- Abdul M.

ITIL 4 Foundation - Fantastic training.  The content review prepared me for the exam - I passed with flying colors.

-- Thaddeus S.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Thank you GogoTraining for an awesome and very accessible course, with the excellent Dr Suzanne Van Hove and the amazing Doug Tedder presenting a humorous and useful (my favourite combination) view of ITIL 4!

-- Gavin H.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Excellent coverage of the books. Suzanne and Doug covered the material in an engaging and enjoyable way. The Study Guide ensured that my study and revision were effective and combined with reading the books themselves, ensured I passed the first time.

-- Garry Long

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The exam was not too difficult from my perspective and I was able to make it for about half of the dedicated time.  I shall say the materials from the training were very well suited for the exam and helped my to prepare adequately.  I got a 90% from first try.

-- Dimitar Barev

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I found the course really useful and well structured, I liked and enjoyed the way the content was organized and presented.  Many thanks for providing high quality courses.

-- Pedro Fuentes

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy - Exam passed, thanks for providing the training and please pass my gratitude to Suzanne for the great explanation of the material and the tips provided!

-- Rumen Aleksandrov

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I loved the conversation between Suzanne and Doug throughout the training.

-- Dawn G.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I recommend ITIL 4 training on GoGo. I completed the entire path in version 3 and passed the ITIL 4 MPT exam.

-- Paweł K.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The course materials and instructors were great. Completing the course positioned me for success to achieve the ITIL V4 Managing Professional designation the first time scoring a perfect 100% score. Thank you to the GogoTraining team for your amazing support every step of the way.

-- S.O.

ITIL 4 Digital And IT Strategy - Great course, I very much enjoyed the setup and Dr. Van Hove's approach in conveying the material. It is however vital to understand the ITIL language, and the answers they are looking for, while writing the exam. Your own experiences come secondary…follow the theoretical definitions and ITIL's interpretations and you’re good.

-- Raymond Saint-Cyrel

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I enjoyed the course content and it was delivered professionally and in an engaging way. Both instructors are excellent at what they do and provide good supporting dialogue around the topic.

-- Thomas Boyer

ITIL 4 Foundation - Hello Dr. Suzanne, Thank you and GogoTraining team for such a wonderful training. I am usually a bit skeptical when attending a live or recorded sessions. I must say, I felt I am actually in a Live class with you. That being said, I finished watching the videos and thought let me go for it right away (since I have a free re-take option). And I PASSED. To All students, my advice is - Just Follow as Dr. Suzanne suggests and you will be fine. You really need to understand and KNOW the purpose statements. I went through quite a few mock tests (from others as well ) and DIDN'T have a Single Directly known Question on The Actual Exam (pretty surprising). Anyway, This Certification was a Long due for me, since I used to teach ITSM (ITILv3) back in 2009-2011 but never took the exam myself . Going to Start my Next ITIL journey. Thank you.

-- Shahid Rahman

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition & Great Customer Service - I am writing to let you know that I have completed and passed the MP transition exam today.  My sincere thanks to you for your continued support and follow up with PeopleCert on getting a workable solution for me. This has saved lot of effort, time, and money.  Once again, a big thank you. Your sincerity and service is much appreciated.  I will certainly return next time.

-- Jayashree Nithiyanand

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I've used GogoTraining training courses in the past, for PRINCE and ITIL v3 and now, 7 years later, for ITIL v4. I have always found them simple to use and of good quality that offer value. First time with Doug, but 7th, I think, with Suzanne and both are great (especially Suzanne is one of the kind, she is very good) and I thought to share this small 'achievement' with the people, who helped me to achieve it.

-- Kostas Konstantinidis

ITIL 4 Strategic Leader  - I can’t give enough praise for GogoTraining's ITIL 4 Foundation, DPI and DITS courses. Going from not knowing what ITIL was, these three courses have opened up a field of great interest for me, improved my work within an IT environment, and help me land my first position in a Service Management role! The course material is taught in an understandable manner, and the course layouts delivers the right balance between theory, exam prep, and organizational application and example. Dr. Van Hove knows her stuff! She presents in a friendly manner and shares her real world knowledge and experience throughout the course.

-- Alison H.

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - Topics well covered, good for passing the exam

-- Patricia V.R.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Thank you Dr.Suzanne Van Hove and Doug for putting up this excellent course content. I took my exam over the weekend and scored 98%. Appreciate your knowledge and how much effort you put in to share it with others.

-- S.J.

Excellent Customer Service - Your support and assistance is outstanding!

-- Dimitar Barev

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The knowledge and understanding the teachers have of the subjects discussed is outstanding and it has been with the previous courses I've had here as well. The explanations for the answers of the practice exams are not a match for any other training organization. Hands down, you are the best!"

-- Minko Topalov

ITIL 4 Foundation - When I was preparing to take the ITIL Foundation V4 exam, I reviewed some of the free content (mostly free mini quizzes) and quickly realized this was a minefield.  After some research into accredited training programs, I chose the ITIL Foundation V4 training program offered by GogoTraining.  The course is structured as a series of modules (all on-demand) that include video presentations with accompanying slides, delivered by Dr. Suzanne Van Hove, who is a seasoned expert in IT Service Management and ITIL.  She brings vast, real-world Service Management experience to the training and does a fantastic job of adding context to the sometimes seemingly abstract concepts in ITIL.  Even with this additional context, the presentations were quickly paced – fast enough that I didn’t feel like I was wasting time but slow enough to follow (also, you can always pause and go back). Dr. Hove’s delivery is enthusiastic and animated, which helped make the training interesting and engaging.  Also, after every couple of modules, there are quizzes to gauge your progress and two full practice exams to take after finishing the course.  All helpful.  Most importantly, after taking the training, I immediately took the ITIL Foundation V4 certification exam and passed quite easily.

Accredited is the way to go, in my opinion.  And GogoTraining worked great for me. 


-- J. Ragle

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Extremely well structured course, the expertise and experience of the trainers shone through the course.

-- Sivaraman S.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Good materials, concise and straight to the point. Many thanks to Dr Suzanne Van Hove and Doug Tedder.

-- Mohamed Triki

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - Well paced and suitably detailed video courseware. Dr Van Hove also offers guidance for additional reading which is of real benefit when completing the practical assignments.  There are many video based ITIL courses available, and GogoTraining is easily my preferred option.

-- Ian B.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Great summary of important concepts.

-- Thaddeus Shegos

ITIL 4 High Velocity IT - Thank you for the excellent customer service! 

-- Barbara C.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Thank You Dr. Suzanne and GogoTraining for the training for the great course contents, I just took my ITIL MPT exam earlier this afternoon at my residence and cleared it successfully. :)

-- Ng Jun Jie

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - Kudos to Gogotraining for having Suzanne as an instructor.  I've taken many ITIL related classes but no other instructors even come close to her in presentation & knowledge.  She's fantastic!

-- Shannon Walsh

ITIL V3 Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) - The course provided by GogoTraining was essential in helping me pass the MALC exam. It has been a while since I took the intermediary exams, so I was using the course not only for learning new material but also as a refresher. Without the course, I doubt I would have been able to pass, so hats off to GogoTraining for helping me pull it off in a pretty short time frame.  I also have to give HUGE props to GogoTraining's customer support, especially Kimberly. She really went above and beyond in helping me schedule the exam. So without GogoTraining I wouldn't have passed and without Kimberly, I probably wouldn't have even been able to take it. A major thanks to her.

-- Adrian MD

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - Very good training, with key informations and feedback from trainer to get easily the certification

-- Robert Thai

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy - GogoTraining prepared me well for the ITIL 4: Digital Leader and IT Strategy in achieving the outcome of learning and applying the knowledge to successfully obtain the certification.  I highlight the following I found helpful with the training:

  • Written and video training materials that review the overall testing approach and syllabus with content that is stays on message and appropriately repeats the information required to be successful.
  • The video training, the student guide, and two practice tests are valuable in being prepared for the assignments and test.
  • Timely and constructive feedback from Dr. Van Hove for the written assignments.

Of the ITIL 3 and 4 certifications, I found this certification to be the most challenging based on the level of knowledge along with the analysis/application of knowledge required to be successful in both the written assignments and the multiple-choice testing.

-- Daniel Bemis

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy - Thank you all for the ITIL 4 DITS training. It's only the second time I've taken such training online and to be honest, it's something I held reservations about. In fact, I found the course to be really good and Dr Suzanne Van Hove did a great job. 

-- David Barrow

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training Course - Excellent!

-- A.P.

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training Course - Dr. Suzanne's is awe inspiring with very engaging narrative of the body-of-knowledge in crisp and concise way with real-life examples helped understand the concepts without having to memorize any. Now that I am certified too, I am confident in applying these best practices from ITILibrary.

-- B.C.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The most valuable part of the course was learning the new concepts and the way they were presented. The humor from the instructors was also welcomed and made the course enjoyable and relatable.

-- M.S.

ITIL 4 Foundation Training Certification Course - The most valuable part of the learning event was the instructor.

-- Kiersten L

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training Course - The instructor's expertise and real world examples.

-- N. Sullivan

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The shared personal experience from Suzanne and Doug was extremely valuable...For this course the set up was excellent.

-- Raymond Saint-Cyrel

ITIL V3 Managing Across the Lifecycle - Very well prepared course, with supporting material, key factor to pass exam and become ITIL EXPERT

-- Vlastimil B.

Excellent Customer Service - I wanted to provide positive feedback to the entire customer support group. Thanks to the extension you granted me, I just passed the ITIL Foundations exam! I appreciate your understanding and accommodation in the matter.

-- B. D.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I passed and got my certification! The training was great and I would highly recommend GogoTraining to anyone looking to enhance their skills with self-paced online learning. Customer Service is excellent as well!

-- Aneka Mungroo

Excellent Customer Service - I wanted to let you know that when I think about excellence in customer service, this is the experience I'm talking about. Please consult the email chain below and be sure that this is why I will always recommend Gogotraining to anyone that asks for a recommendation.

-- Vincent F.

Managing Professional Transition - With the GogoTraining, study materials, and my investment of time, we co-created value in me achieving ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Certification. Additionally, I improved and modernized my service management knowledge to the point I am comfortable that I can add value in my role, my team, and the company I work. I am comfortable that I can apply knowledge relevant to the business problems we are focused on resolving. I appreciated that the instructors provided feedback on definitions and concepts (e.g. design thinking) where ITIL 4 has the opportunity to mature. I appreciate the competency and confidence of the instructors delivering the training videos.

-- Dan B.

Excellent Customer Service - I am so please with your service and already recommended you to colleagues at work in the past.

-- Yousef Al Jaro

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Course - Great and experienced Trainers and their useful examples/tips/ideas... !!!

-- S. Isakovic

Super great service and support - very good instructors (ITIL) and perfect learning platform - highly recommended!

-- Nina Koppelow Braun

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy Course - The process of from buying to clearing the exam was very smooth. The instruction material was very good. I was worried about the process of written assignment evaluation, but the GoGo Customer support and Dr. Van Hoe made it easy

-- Arun M.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Course - I thought the course was well laid out and presented. The exercises and practice exams prepared me well for the certification exam.

-- Amy S.

ITIL Managing Professional Transition - I really appreciated the practical examples and usage of the ITIL V4 concepts throughout the course offered by Dr. Hove and Mr. Tedder. They are both fantastic instructors and practitioners of ITSM.

-- Al Kelly

ITIL V3 Service Transition - The course is very concise and straightforward. Helpful for exam and career as well.

-- Mohamed Triki

Project Management PMP 6th Edition - I absolutely loved the instructor. He was wonderful! The course was really informative.

-- Jennifer V.

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy Course - My overall experience with the GogoTraining team is excellent. Very prompt in response, supportive and helpful. The DITS course is also excellent and directly to the point and very easy to understand.

-- Ruslan Lee

ITIL 4 Foundation Exam - I must say I am impressed with the customer support I am receiving from you guys!

-- David D.

ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy Course - Dr Suzanne Van Hove has done a sterling job as usual. Her examples put into context the concepts. I am happy to highly recommend your services to anyone.

-- Cristian Muselli

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The pass was thanks to another very detailed and well structured course provided by GogoTraining and Suzanne Van Hove.

-- Geoff Cole

Excellent Customer Service - I have to write it again - great service and perfect focus on a client! Your flexible attitude is part of my success. Thank you.

-- Pawel Kusz

ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: Digital and IT Strategy Course - Thank you all for the ITIL 4 DITS training. It's only the second time I've taken such training online and to be honest, it's something I held reservations about. In fact, I found the course to be really good and Dr Suzanne Van Hove did a great job.

-- David Barrow

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy - It really was my pleasure to take my DITS course through your esteemed organization. I really appreciate your wonderful support during this journey.

-- Mohammed Alsofyani

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The training from Doug Tedder and Dr. Suzanne Van Hove helped me on learning more about ITIL 4 and what to expect in the Managing Professional Transition exam.

-- Rainer Vergara

ITIL 4 Leader Digital and IT Strategy Course - Overall a very good course, the material is well explained. Also, I appreciated the support before the course started with getting access to the book and quickly correcting the small issue I noticed with one of the videos.

-- Neil Conner

Project Management PMP 6th Edition Interactive - Thank you so much! It was a fantastic course. I’ll be recommending it to others.

-- Evelyn V.

Managing Professional Transition - Getting the ITIL 4 Managing Professional certification has really helped me get the attention of my colleagues and superior toward embracing best practices. GogoTraining lessons are the best of their breed and made the content accessible and fun.

-- V.F.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The training was fit for purpose and highly recommended.

-- Hakeem Otulana

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I Love GogoTraining! They are my go-to source for learning and passing high end certifications.

-- Dyric Ramirez

Managing Professional Transition Course - I want to express my sincere thanks to you because with this course I managed to obtain my ITIL 4 MP certification today with an almost perfect grade. All the content of your sessions and your clear and perfectly down-to-earth explanations were essential to obtain the result obtained today. Thank you very much to Dr. Suzanne and Doug and all in Gogotraining for this amazing learning experience. Creating an analogy with one of the Guiding Principles: “customer loyalty is a result made possible by the: Focus on Value guiding principle" and this is what I'm right now: a loyal customer because you helped me to achieve my immediate goal.

-- Gabriel E. Espinosa B.

ITIL Managing Professional Transition - THANKS for your support and a BIG call out to GogoTraining for a wonderful class experience!

-- Matt B.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - The speakers were engaging and made the material interesting with their examples.

-- Brian Bond

Excellent Customer Service - Many thanks, Kimberly. GREAT SERVICE!!!

-- Traian M.

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - I would like to share that I could not be better prepared for that exam and it was because of the training Dr. Van Hove provided and the additional help related to answers of questions etc. I was very lucky to discover GogoTraining for my ITIL journey years ago and I am really happy to say that this is really the best organisation delivering knowledge in an incredibly good way which is affordable at the same time. Keep the great work and that spirit! Many, many thanks! You have an incredible organization and a perfect team!

-- Radosveta Delcheva

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition Class - Suzanne and Doug are the best! The course is very well developed, with a lot of explanations and examples to reinforce the concepts discussed in every module.

-- Gabriel E. Espinosa B.

Excellent Customer Service - Your customer service is amazing!!

-- Geoff

Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) Course - Thank you! You and your staff have been awesome to deal with, and I’ll definitely use GogoTraining for my training needs going forward. Your materials prepared me very well for the CSAM exam.

-- LJKelly

The GoGo staff overall were professional, prompt and extremely responsive. Sam in particular, thank you for being human, kind and merciful. Thanks for being all of the above and I am especially grateful for your assistance, willingness to help, gentle nudges and even tough love. I appreciated all of it. I finally finished the CSAM, 2 more to go! yay! :)

-- A. Reid

Good news - I passed the CSAM and received my certificate on Monday. I never could have done it without all your and the rest of the GoGo Team's help and excellent online course. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful week.

-- Dusty Ramsey

ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle - "The teaching of Dr. Van Hove helped me pass 5 ITIL Intermediate and the MALC courses very quickly. I earned an ITIL Expert certification in just 3 weeks from start to finish. I took the Foundation course eight years ago so she helped me to learn the course content basically from scratch."

-- J. Ebersole

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional - CHAMP The most valuable part of this learning event was the integration of hardware and software asset management and discussion of repositories and discovery tool integrations.

-- Holly D.

Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 1 - For me all of the information was valuable. The training was very detailed, and kept my attention. I look forward to my next training with GogoTraining, and would recommend the training site to others who want to advance their careers.

-- Linda Schultz

By December 2013 I bought a coupon for the ITIL Service Lifecycle courses via GroupOn. Beside it was a good offer, it was to take the virtual course from GogoTraining. After taking those courses, and also taking classes from other providers for the same course (when my company paid for that), I realized GogoTraining is one of the best.

-- Oscar Rodriguez

I appreciate your super fast (and excellent) Help!

-- Melanie Woodrich

GoGo Training ROCKS!

-- Mike Kennedy

CASM, Certified Agile Service Manager course - CASM, is a great complement to the ITIL V3 framework, especially the ability to deliver a continuous stream of Process improvements that will create value to the customer via the ‘Process’ backlog. In the Agile/DevOps World, the ITSM roles and responsibilities will change, hopefully the ITIL V4 updates due Spring 2019 will mirror the new responsibilities covered in the CASM course. Excellent DevOps Institute training video, documentation, exercises, and a test exam. Also, the 90-day option was sufficient to comfortably finish the training. PeopleCert Online Proctoring went extremely well, I passed the exam. Keep up the great work! Five Stars!

-- Kenny Seay

E Learning - "All I can say that GogoTraining is the best E learning ever."

-- Ali A

Python Programming - Course is organized well and presented well. Thank you James Lee.

-- MS

Customer Service Comment: "What a great customer service, I'm really satisfied with your service. Thank you again!"

-- Ali A

ITIL® Continual Service Improvement - The examples provided by the course instructor and the way the slides were organized helped me understand the topics better.

-- S.U.

GogoTraining Customer Service - I would like to share my wonderful experience with GogoTraining. I have been a customer for more then 4 years. The instructors are very involved in helping this student understand the material and answered email quickly. GogoTraining is a wonderful institution to expand and upgrade your knowledge. The instructors for the SQL language and Oracle classes are very knowledgeable. I am also impressed with the level of care their customer service provides. I misunderstood the expiration time and being a procrastinator, I left the lecture "Oracle PL/SQL Programming Part 2" to the last minute. Thinking that I had up to midnight EST before the class expired, I mistimed myself and the class expired before I planned to finish. I had only 12 minutes to complete my last lecture before I would receive the certificate of completion. Of course I was devastated because I was so close from the goal. I contacted the customer service and through much confusion, they worked with me for 2 days to extend the time to complete the lecture and earn my certification of completion. What they did was way beyond expectation and I am very grateful for that. I highly recommend this school for any higher learning and refresh your skills. Thank you!

-- Sisuphanh V.

Enterprise COBOL Programming: Introduction Part 1 - The exercises were great learning reinforcements and promoted proper training.

-- Elias G.

DevOps Foundation course - First, I thoroughly enjoyed the DevOps Foundation course. Excellent instructional videos, documentation and as always, outstanding GoGo customer service. I found the PeopleCert Online Proctoring service extremely accommodating even after a local ISP outage issue, nice to actually speak to a live Proctor..:) I passed the exam.

-- Kenny Seay

GogoTraining Customer Service - "If possible, please send this message to your management, as I would like to say thank you for your support. Extremely fast response every time I need anything. This is the kind of service which makes a difference these days."

-- Minko T.

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - Instructor's knowledge and experiential examples were very helpful to me.

-- R. M.

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The knowledge of the instructor on different operation systems was instrumental.

-- Michael Groves

ITIL® 2011: Service Operation - Let me say that I am having a great time with learning valuable skills for ITIL. Thank you so much for providing this great platform.

-- Yu Kan

ITIL®2011: Service Operation - The explanation of how sample exam questions were solved was very valuable.

-- Tom Swanson

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) - Clear, concise and engaging course. The course is highly recommended and the staff behind GogoTraining are helpful.

-- Anthony

ITIL® 2011: Planning, Protection and Optimization - Hello my name is Adrian Bates and I have utilized GogoTraining to acquire three ITIL certifications: ITIL Foundations, ITIL Release Control and Validation Intermediate and Planning Process and Optimization Intermediate Certification. My goal is to achieve ITIL expert. I would recommend that if you are looking for a great training source that you consider GogoTraining. It is a great asset. The cost, accessibility to the site, support and training, in my opinion all receive good marks. The training and test exams are thorough and likewise very informative. You will realize this when you take the exam.

-- Adrian Bates

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation- I passed my ITIL RCV exam and have been successful in achieving the annual goal assigned to me for my new position. Thanks to all of you, especially Dr. Suzanne Van Hove.

-- Andrew Bryant

ITIL®2011: Service Strategy - Dr. Van Hove is a great instructor, very clear explanation, with exercises and real word advice. The training was very valuable and the Instructor demonstrated strong expertise as a Subject Matter Expert. I passed the exam within 1 month of training. The Activities and Exercises were a great help in gaining the certification. Thank you for a great course GogoTraining.

-- Kojo AMOO

Advanced Python Programming - The whole course was valuable but especially the version 2 to 3 information at the end.

-- Leslie

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - The Sample exam review for the MALC bank gave better perspectives on the best approach to answer the MALC exam questions.

-- Olusegun Adare

ITIL®2011: Service Strategy - The most valuable part of the course was the training exercises and examples from the instructor.

-- Olusegun Adare

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) - The sufficient and detailed knowledge of the training content as related to the course was the most valuable part of the course to me.

-- Babatunde Peace Salami

Java SE 8 Programming Part 1 - I have learned more from Donna Martin than my professor my last semester. She is great and has a way of presenting things in a way I understand and can not wait to soon take the android 5 development class. # give her a raise #Donna Martin++

-- Derek Moore

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis - The exercise guide was very insightful.

-- Olusegun Adare

ITIL®2011: Service Operation - Dr. Van Hove is a knowledgeable instructor that is easy to understand

-- Peter Wright

Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) - “This course was very valuable to me as I had zero prior experience in ITAM. I feel much more confident in my ability to establish and continue a sustainable ITAM program using the knowledge gained in this course.”

-- Amy R.

ITIL®2011: Service Operation - I want to express my confidence in your training. I ran through it twice and passed the Service Operation exam with 100%.

-- WJM

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The diagrams examples and drawings on the OS architecture and different types of shared environments were very helpful.

-- I.T.

Certified Mobile Asset Manager (CMAM) - Instructor was very knowledgeable regarding subject matter and was comfortable in his presentation of the information.

-- Dane Morrison

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - I found that the Exercise guide and the practicality of the steps outlined were the most valuable part of the course,

-- Olusegun Adare

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) - Instructor made content applicable to course through efficient examples from real life situations.

-- Dane Morrison

You guys offer an amazing service and your specials make all of this so much more affordable. Thank you for everything you do to support those of us trying to learn and grow. You're all heroes in my book.

-- Bryan Southard

Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) - The self-paced option for this course worked very well for me. I found it very easy and liked that I could do it when I had time as I was moving and wasn’t able to give it any attention for days at a time. The videos were great and easy to follow. When I compare it to the live-online instructor-led course, it was more convenient for me at this time to do it self-paced. The live-online course was very good as well. I would certainly recommend the course at

-- C.C.

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - Having information clearly defined and examples provided was the most valuable part of this course to me.

-- Andy Bryant

ITIL®2011: Foundations - Taking this course helped contextualize what I know from experience into a standard so I can work better as well as have a better under understanding of how to communicate with my peers.

-- Mark Hinze

ITIL Certifications - I thought I would provide some feedback concerning GogoTraining and ITIL certifications. While I realize that everyone learns differently, and not everyone has the discipline to complete on-line training, I found GogoTraining to be superb. I started and finished ITIL Service Design in January with a successful certification (90%); then started Operational Support and Analysis in late February and obtained certification (95%) in mid-March. The entire process, from registration for the class, to ordering the exam, to taking the exam, was easy and straightforward. Again, this is just my experience, but I am sold on GogoTraining.

-- Susan C.

ITIL®2011: Service Offerings and Agreements - I like the fact that capability courses, such as SOA, are more interdisciplinary in nature. I think they are more representative of the real life problems an ITIL consultant will be called upon to solve.

-- VLF

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The entire course provided value for your money - the sequence, pace and expertise of Tim Norton helped me to fully understand the important role the operating system perform in a system. The quizzes incorporated in each module were really effective and with each choice, the instructor provided logical explanation.

-- Michelle R

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - The most valuable part of the training was the exams provided in the exercise pack and the logical explanation of each process and topics

-- Mariya St Baldzhieva

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - It provided me with a structure on how to prepare for this exam which is much better compared to reading all books per official syllabus.

-- Maria

ITIL®2011: Service Offerings and Agreements - I very much valued how the instructor made some of the more complex concepts understandable, palatable and real-life related. I also liked the exercises associated with the course that allowed me to put the new knowledge into use.

-- UR

ITIL®2011: Planning, Protection and Optimization - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove presented content of the training in a way that was easy to follow and remember, which later helped in recollecting the most important points during the exam. I think the most valuable of all aspects, was the amicable and undoubted expert in the field - Dr. Suzanne. It was valuable to hear some real-life examples provided by the instructor, as well as going through exam questions and rationales. I passed the exam obtaining a score of 100% thanks to this course.

-- UR

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - I passed the MALC exam yesterday. Dr. Van Hove is a wonderful instructor and extremely knowledgeable about ITIL.

-- Brian Arrowood

Fiber Optic Communications - This was a great course that really filled in some knowledge gaps . I had taken a fundamental fiber optics course online through the F.O.A. , and it was a great course , but this class covered some different ground in great detail . Well presented , and very useful knowledge .

-- James Flynn

C Programming Bootcamp Part 2 Donna Martin - you have done such an awesome job of teaching, presenting, demonstrating but most importantly, engaging the diverse learners with varied learning styles in an intimidating subject matter. Thank you for choosing to teach this language and not just facilitate in your delivery mode. I learnt a wealth of concepts, techniques and how to truly write, program and debug in C. Gogo Training keep adding the teachers who love to mold minds to your academic body and you will have repeated customers who are life long learners.

-- MIchelle R

Best ITIL Training Material - GoGoTraining I was searching for months for suitable online ITIL training that was delivered by a real trainer rather than just a powerpoint with a computer generated voice over and finally has the answer. Thanks to a recommendation, my department started using GoGoTraining for online ITIL Training. I was certainly skeptical at first as there are so many online ITIL Training options out there, but was so pleasantly surprised. First of all, GoGoTraining is very competitive on price for the ITIL Expert collection (note that exam fees are extra) but it is the quality of the material they are hosting that made all the difference. The ITIL collection is delivered by Dr Suzanne Van Hove who is by far one of the best trainers I have seen. The training material is a split screen setup of a powerpoint and a camera on Dr Suzanne delivering the material. This is not just someone reading line by line to you committing the sin of 'death by powerpoint', this is a person of very evident knowledge and experience providing an interesting and engaging training course. If you are thinking of studying ITIL for yourself or providing training options for your own IT department this is a provider and a trainer that you should certainly consider. Dr Suzanne Van Hove hosted by”

-- W. Thomson

Introduction to COBIT 5 - Great overview of the components of the COBIT framework. Course contains a lot of material that is introduced in an organized way.

-- DPS

ITIL®2011: Planning, Protection and Optimization - This course is delivered by one of the best IT Trainers I have seen in a recorded format. Dr Suzanne Van Hove delivers the course with clear knowledge and experience and is not just reading from a script like many other ITIL training courses out there. I had spent many months training to find the right ITIL Expert series for me and I am glad that I finally found the GoGo training site. Two courses completed and two exams passed first time. Three more to go!

-- W. Thomson

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis - The trainer. So nice and refreshing to have a real life person delivering the training rather than just an automated voice reading a script.

-- W. Thomson

Oracle 11g R2 Real Application Clusters 1 and 2 - Steve is a wonderful and informative Oracle teacher.

-- S. Vongnaraj

ITIL®2011: Service Transition - GogoTraining provided me with an instructor that was both knowledgeable and experienced but also able to translate these insights into lectures in a manner that made the information fun—passing with 90% on the first try. Thank you GogoTraining and thank you Professor Van Hove!"

-- Brian A.

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis - The most valuable part of the course was the knowledge acquired and the enabling process of inter-relating the units, in order to pass the official exam and ability to be able to apply the knowledge into practice. It fulfilled my expectations. Thank You!

-- Babatunde Peace Salami

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - The expanded explanations which highlighted the relationships and parallels between various processes without losing the nuances of how they differed was a valuable part of the course.

-- VLF

Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 2 - The most valuable part of this course was getting absolutely every bit of information that started as learning blocks for each advanced and detailed course. Steve Hamilton - you did an awesome job from beginning to the end - thank you! Your teaching methods and style kept me glued to each presentation and demonstration which ultimately made each course quiz and exercise fun. GoGoTraining - Steve Hamilton is an asset and an expert in this subject matter!!!!! Five stars to you Steve!!!!!

-- Michelle R

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis - The best part of the course was being given the tools to hold an argument about Service Delivery, best practices and Service Operations.

-- Mel Brewster

Advanced Android 5 Programming - This was an awesome instructor. This instructor was very easy to follow and even the most advanced topics were understandable.

-- Tim H.

Fundamentals of Data Center Power - The course content was very relevant to the workplace.

-- Kenny Lai

ISO/IEC 20000 2011: IT Service Management Foundation Bridge - Learning about other frameworks that relate back to the standard and how they can relate to each other was valuable.

-- Mel Brewster

ITIL®2011: Foundations - In my new job at Mitchell International we were asked to complete the ITIL training for the ITIL Foundations Certificate. We were given a reimbursement to use GogoTraining in the preparation to sit for the test. There was a lot of material and it was a significant amount of work. But the support from GoGoTraining was excellent all the way through the process. I have been in the IT field for close to 25 years and I have worked all over the world. I can tell you from personal experience GoGoTraining is a world class organization and their training materials are second to none. The staff are friendly and professional and extremely responsive. If you are considering getting your certification I would highly recommend GoGoTraining. By the way I sat for the test today for the ITIL Foundations Exam and passed. The proof is in the results. Thanks GoGoTraining you are the best.

-- David W. Schroeder

I enjoyed the MALC prep course I took with GogoTraining and I especially liked having video of the instructor provided along with the audio and the learning material. Content was spot on based on the MALC exam I took and prepared me well for the exam. GogoTraining pricing is also very competitive with other providers. I will definitely return for further training needs.

-- Chris M.

I would like to congratulate you on the quality and level of knowledge of GogoTraining. I passed two ITIL exams without any issues after following your training and I feel confident taking SS and SD following the needed training for your organization.

-- Radu F.

ITIL®2011: - I love the courses. I just completed and successfully passed the Foundation and Intermediate Service Operation exam.

-- Lamine K

For Oracle12c: Database Administration I Part 1 - 'Every aspect of this learning experience has been valuable. Steve has done an awesome job of dissecting a complex and intensive course into simplified, manageable yet easy to follow and retain concepts. Hats off to you Steve! I truly enjoyed your engaging videos while learning at the same time.'

-- Michelle R

'I think your courses are outstanding! I can't imagine anyone doing better.'

-- Peter B

C Programming Bootcamp Part 2 - 'This course touched on some very challenging topics pertaining to pointers, and multi-dimensional arrays. I feel the instructor did a fantastic job simplifying the subject matter'

-- Peter C

C Programming Bootcamp Part 1 - 'The instructor was very thorough in the explanations, and really helped with the understanding of the content. This course was presented very nicely'.

-- Peter C

ITIL® 2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - Accredited Training - I just sat and passed MALC. The timeframe that I obtained my Expert certification via Go Go Training is very impressive -- highlights how effective and efficient the training modules are (and of course my wonderful instructor Dr Suzanne Van Hove !!)) I can't believe it. I am over the moon. Thank you so very much for your great service, and great courses.

-- Katrina M

ITIL®2011: Service Offerings and Agreements - The On-demand delivery of the course is a great feature.

-- Indika Perera

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis- Breaking down the course into small and manageable amounts of time sliced pieces of information, and the exam question-based study allowed it to be engaging and interesting.

-- Raja Kalaga

Red Hat Linux V7 Essentials - Being able to experiment with bash scripts was of value to me.

-- John R. Johnston

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript - This was my very first exposure to programming - and it actually wasn't as overwhelming as I was expecting. I feel like I may have to watch certain parts of some of the videos again, but it seemed to be a very suitable introduction and an excellent foundation for learning.

-- Kelly Jamieson

Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL - The demonstrations were most valuable since there isn't an option to use free software where I work.

-- Dana Bolender

Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL - The demo modules were a valuable part of the course for me.

-- John Peterson

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - I thought breaking out the differences between UNIX/LINUX & Windows was particularly interesting.

-- JD

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript - The Lab Exercise Guide is a valuable part of the course.

-- Prem Wadhwa

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - Being able to do the exercises after reviewing the material was helpful for me to be sure I was learning.

-- R.D.

Excellent marketing on Groupon and customer service. Jill was amazing at giving me the information that I needed to begin. She also walked me through the site and introduced me to the new features. I couldn't be more pleased with her responsive and compassionate service.

-- A.G.

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - The amount of knowledge the instructor seemed to have was great.

-- Danny Jimenez

Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 1 - The explanation followed by examples and demonstrations was very helpful.

-- Edem Addoh

Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Part 1 - This entire course was a valuable learning experience to me. I've been writing SQL for years as a developer but was never allowed to see any PL/SQL because I was not a DBA. This course has finally lifted that veil. I'm looking forward to Part II.

-- Carey Alton Jr.

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The vast amount of information regarding other operating systems was generously informative and enlightening.

-- John R. Johnston

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - The exercises were the most valuable part of the course.

-- Patrick De Silva

Jill, Thanks again! You have been exceptional to work with and I have really enjoyed the breath and depth of this online training. I felt really prepared to take the exam and did very well. I will be using GogoTraining for the next 3 ITIL certifications and hope to complete all of them within the next year! Great Product and Great Service - Thank You!

-- John Saffold

COBIT® 5 Foundation - APMG Certified - I understood a very important framework in a simple and easy manner.

-- Venkatesh Ramachandra

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - This course helped reinforce my programming knowledge.

-- John Johnston

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - Establishing a basic understanding of programming, an area in which I have little knowledge was the best part of the course.

-- Courteney Douglas

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - Having each segment broken down into smaller lessons really helps with remembering what we learned. Repetition was very helpful as well.

-- Gene Forrester

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - I am new to C and the most valuable part of the course was the overall course itself.

-- Tina Granzo

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone - I like the fact that I was able to apply the information immediately.

-- Don Hauner

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The best part of the course was learning some of the more arcane elements of OS design that I don't deal with in day to day use.

-- Shawn Huckabay

Oracle 11g/12c: Advanced SQL - I liked everything. Self paced & the ability to go back over the information as many times as possible is a huge plus.

-- Carey Alton Jr.

ITIL®2011: Operational Support and Analysis - The exercises and examples were a very valuable part of the course to me.

-- Solveig Har

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - I've especially enjoyed the quote from the Niccolo Machiavelli's Prince related to the change and the example with the candle when implementing change - you could not light it in the middle. The information about the various framework, especially related to ISO was very interesting, the link to the SFIA is useful.

-- Radosveta Delcheva

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - Learning the basics of operating systems was the best part of the course for me.

-- Will Finan

ITIL®2011: Service Design-Really liked the additional resource mentioned - "A fool with a tool is still a fool". The part for the selection of the tool in the corresponding module was good as well.

-- Radosveta Delcheva

Programming for Non-Programmers with JavaScript - I appreciate that the instructor walked through the coding process, variables and functions in laymen terms as opposed to trying to show off with technical terminology.

-- Basilia Azcona

ITIL®2011: Continual Service Improvement - The ability to have access to the great information while on the go was great,

-- Sazara Johnson

Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL - I liked everything. The course provided a good refresher.

-- C.A.

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - I found the introduction to Scratch was very interesting. I'm glad to have taken the course just for how fun Scratch turned out to be.

-- S.D.

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - I obtained new information to a o/s I used since I was in grade school and the "behind the scenes" of how our computers communicate and relay information.

-- Benjamin Chase Estes

Oracle 11g/12c: Advanced SQL- Every aspect of the module further helped me to connect the dots. The Instructor, John Mullins, gracefully advanced each topic by reinforcing the previous concepts and simply walking the student through each advance topic via sequential, easy to follow approach even when some topics had proven to be a bit challenging than others. Thanks to the team at GogoTraining for another enjoyable learning experience! And Jill you have never ceased to courteously answer my many questions and concerns that I may have.

-- M.R.

Programming for Non-Programmers using JavaScript - Being able to pause the video and double check my coding compared to the instructors was very helpful.

-- Kent Wattinger

Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL- Every aspect of this training is valuable to me and the extraordinary above and beyond assistance from Jill in Customer Service when I encountered issues while trying to execute the post installation process. She was unwavering with her support and commitment in resolving the issues faced along with acting as a middle person between me and John the trainer. Jill you demonstrated exemplifies customer-oriented service and my hats off to you. You are the reason I will continue to pursue many more course with GoGo Training! An appreciative 'thank you' for your technical assistance and awesome customer service skills. To John - thank you for simplifying this course and you have made learning the concepts so easy and engaging.

-- Michelle R.

Programming for Non-Programmers with JavaScript - The best part of the course was actually learning the basic functions of JavaScript.

-- George Chiamopoulos

Programming for Non-Programmers using JavaScript - Course structure was thorough and Instructor spoke at a good pace, making it easy to keep up.

-- Uthan Pillai

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - I liked the fact that an abundance of information was seemingly compressed into a short amount of time.

-- Kyle Kosson

Programming for Non-Programmers with JavaScript - I truly enjoyed every moment of the class and the training was engaging and the entire video module by module flowed seamlessly. A warm thank you to Norman and his great teaching method and precise yet comprehensively easy to follow lessons. I finally understand and can appreciate programming! Thanks to the team!

-- Michelle R.

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) 2011 - Thank you so much for your courses. I just passed my ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) 2011 exam, so I am now an ITIL Expert! I’m very excited and proud. I have taken seven ITIL courses with GoGo Training (including MALC), and I was able to pass each exam on my first attempt. Could you please pass along a special “Thank You” to Dr. Suzanne Van Hove? She was a great instructor. I don’t think I would have passed my MALC exam if it hadn’t been for her.

-- Scott Fabel

Objective-C Programming Using Xcode 6 - The demos where he would record a screen capture while writing code helped me understand.

-- K. S.

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - Walking through solving problems with Scratch was very beneficial, overall this course was great. Exceptional!!!

-- Jonathan Woolridge

Programming for Non-Programmers using JavaScript - Walking through the labs was very helpful.

-- William Peterson

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - Great overview of operating systems

-- Jill Folan

ITIL®2011: Release, Control and Validation - The interspersion of sample exam questions and exercises throughout the lectures, including the review of the answers during some lectures was very helpful.

-- M.P.

Certified Software Asset Manager - CSAM - Keith's videos were well done- his presentations were top notch.

-- Ram Ramdattan

GogoTraining Customer Service - Jill is awesome!

-- Student

ITIL®2011: Service Strategy - The training material was detailed enough and easy to follow. The most valuable part was learning at my own pace and when I'm in the mood to study.

-- Adebayo Anifowoshe

Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2 - The ability to go back and review information that I did not quite get the first time around was very helpful.

-- V. H.

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - I really like that the course content wasn't just power point slides, but instead a mix of slides, audio commentary and actual video showing the Instructor typing, compiling and running scripts.

-- Nevil Namiranian

ITIL®2011: Service Offerings and Agreements-Dr. Van Hove's obvious experience and in-depth knowledge was very encouraging and challenging!

-- Alan Dunham

Oracle 10g/11g Introduction to SQL - The instructions very clear and the instructor knows the material very well. Getting the basics to go on to more advanced modules was very helpful.

-- Tami Koester

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - The MALC Sample Papers and their subsequent review was very helpful.

-- Scott Fabel

Programming for Non-Programmers using JavaScript - I enjoyed the self paced learning environment that made it easy for me to pick up right where I left off and not have to miss a thing while balancing my daily family life! The knowledge I gained from this course was very helpful.

-- Joshua Smith

ITIL®2011: Service Offerings and Agreements - Dr. Van Hove's obvious experience and in-depth knowledge was very encouraging and challenging!

-- Alan Dunham

CompTIA®Storage+ Powered by SNIA - Part 3 - The use of Fibre Channel and IP combinations as well as Ethernet physical transport with data center uses in combination with FC was valuable as well as troubleshooting and problem solving with storage networking analyzers.

-- Michael Griswold

ITIL®2011: Service Design - The videos were broken down into manageable sections which meant I could study flexibly at lunchtimes or at spare moments throughout the week or at weekends. I could also pick the module I wanted to study rather than being forced into a set schedule.

-- Terry Newman

Introduction to Java 7 and Object-Oriented Programming - The hands on exercises were very helpful.

-- Thomas McMickle

Introduction to C Programming Part 2 - By pairing the exercise with the module, I quickly learned.

-- Tim LaRocca

Programming for Non-Programmers using JavaScript - Most valuable aspects of the lessons were the examples writing code, allowed me to practice along with the videos and pause when needed.

-- Caleb T.

CompTIA®Storage+ Powered by SNIA - Part 2 - I liked the Fibre Channel (FC) because I did not know what it was all about even though I heard of it.

-- Michael Griswold

ITIL®2011: Service Operation - I liked the self paced learning

-- Jt Selvan

CompTIA® Storage+ Powered by SNIA - Part 1 - The most valuable part of the course was the overall Storage Networking Certification Program 01 and all of part 1.

-- Michael Griswold

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - I have been writing code for 17+ years. I took this course because it was part of my package and, as a self-taught code monkey, I thought it would be a good idea to listen -- in case there was something I didn't know about. This question is thus hard to answer. I guess I'd say just a review of some very basics was valuable. The presenter was excellent!

-- Tina Granzo

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - Great overview of O/S

-- Caleb T.

Introduction to Android 5 Programming - I appreciated the walkthroughs and the way the instructor kept pointing back to the Android online documentation.

-- Paul Allen

Oracle 12c: Database Administration II Part 1 - More in depth than DB Admin I, especially on the recovery of the database. Very helpful

-- Michael Kaeck

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The course provided the basic overview of how the internals of a computer work

-- Nevil Namiranian

ITIL®2011: Foundations- The course was concentrated, focused on ITIL Foundation.

-- Alan Dunham

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - The live demonstrations with commentary was valuable. Much better than still images or slides.

-- Nevil Namiranian

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The basic overview of how the internals of a computer work was very helpful.

-- Nevil Namiranian

Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 2 - The backups and RMAN modules were new to me. Coming from an user created backup environment, this provides me with new options for system managed backups

-- Michael Kaeck

Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 1 - Learning the intricacies of the database for 12C was a very valuable part of the course.

-- Michael Kaeck

ITIL®2011: Service Transition - I have done various online training throughout my career and the ITIL courses offered by GogoTraining have been, by far, the best I have undergone. One unique aspect of the presentations (in my view) was the fact that the trainer was visible in the videos, giving you a feeling close to being in a classroom environment, facilitating attention and absorption of the content. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and provided real-world examples and explained rationales behind certain aspects of the framework. The context and clarification the instructor provided for certain theory elements were very valuable. Based on my experience and interactions with them I can certainly say that GogoTraining's customer service is flawless! I have had quick responses to all of my queries and they have been very courteous and helpful throughout. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who's interested!

-- Indika Perera

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - This course covered a lot of territory. I learned not only important C programming concepts but also proper C syntax . If you actually complete the workshops you will have a good grasp of the concepts but also will know the needed C syntax.

-- Robert Misterka

Introduction to Java 7 and Object-Oriented Programming - The entire event was valuable. The instructor was very detailed in explanations of the topic.

-- Ralston Josephs

Introduction to C Programming Part 2 - I enjoyed the entire course. The instructor was very thorough and presented the topic in a very interesting manner.

-- Ralston Josephs

ITIL®2011: Service Strategy - The instructor is very good as usual and consistently demonstrates strong expertise and is a subject matter expert.

-- Van Leong

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - I enjoyed the entire topic and I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning more about how operating systems function on a whole.

-- Ralston Josephs

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - The entire topic was very interesting.

-- Ralston Josephs

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - The entire event was valuable.

-- Ralston Josephs

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - The course refreshed some of the programming concepts I had learned previously. Scratch is a fun way to learn about programming.

-- Bob Misterka

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers - The instructor sounds engaged, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

-- Melody Morgan

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - The sample exam questions review was very helpful. I am very grateful for the classes and I was able to pass the MALC exam and am now an ITIL Expert! It was great working with GoGo for the training!

-- Allyson Pippin

Fundamentals of Operating Systems-This course gave a good overview of the fundamentals of operating systems.

-- Robert Misterka

IT Governance and COBIT® 4.1:A Comprehensive Overview - I particularly liked the theory overview and practical part of this course.

-- Stephan A Bruehwiler

ITIL®2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - Excellent course, great teacher, convenient delivery and timeframe.

-- Elena Calugaru

ITIL® 2011: Service Transition - I liked the ability to review the modules as often as I needed to feel comfortable with the information presented.

-- Kymaria Muhammad

Being here in Afghanistan I wasn't sure that I could get my courses back on track. It was real busy before the deployment and they expired on me. When I contacted GOGO I was keeping my fingers crossed hoping that they would understand my situation. Jill and Marianne, the Gogo Training Customer Service Angels, quickly went to work going above and beyond the call of duty. Answering my emails at all hours of the day/night, making quick work of the extension request and getting me on track with the new course changes. I am hard pressed to remember any better service and support. Thank you for all that you have done :o)

-- John Falese

Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 2 - I enjoyed the short modules which were easy to follow and understand. The course content was organized and easy to follow. The training objectives for each topic were identified and the instructor demonstrated expertise in the topics. The slides were interesting. The use of video, audio and slides enhanced the self-paced experience.

-- M.K.

Data Center Infrastructure Management Part 1 and Part 2 - Since the instructor (Dale Cole) was visible as he taught the lessons, it gave a first-class appearance to the lessons and gave a very personable one-on-one feeling to the course. The courses had the proper balance of text, graphs, and pictures to keep the lessons instructive yet a pleasure to learn. No lesson in these two course was overwhelming or full of monotonous text, yet all lessons were full of beneficial information. I loved that the instructor was able to provide numerous examples of actual data centres he has visited and elements or items within those centres that directly apply to the course he is teaching. The “real-life” examples make the information he is teaching much earlier to relate to at our own data centre. The broad range of recommended readings (including books, websites, and technical documents) by the instructor throughout the Data Center Infrastructure Management courses gave me strategic starting points to gather further details on a topic that the instructor didn’t have time to fully cover in the course. Also, since there is no textbook for the course, the recommended readings are very functional at filling that gap.

-- R.H.

Introduction to Java 7 and Object-Oriented Programming - The most valuable part of this class was all the java tools that I learned.

-- Hugo Fernando Posada Quintero

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - The most valuable part of learning in this course was the explanations the instructor gave. It was very simple to pick up the concepts,and excellent slides.

-- Nathaniel Burciaga

ITIL 2011: Service Offerings and Agreements - The whole course is very helpful and enjoyable, Thanks for making it this great way!

-- Suliman Abu Kharroub

Data Center Infrastructure Management Parts 1 and 2 - Dave Cole's information and instructional methods were outstanding. His easy-going manner aided in the learning experience, and he injected just the right amount of real-world experience and humor into the class. Data Center Infrastructure Management I & II have helped me to get "re-focused" on "all" of my data center duties.

-- Jeff Brodie

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - The most valuable part of this learning event was the instructor's well-organized and well-paced presentations.

-- Bruce Sloan

ITIL® 2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle - Accredited Training Suzanne, thank you very much for your brilliant teaching. I passed my MALC exam easily and can now claim ITIL Expert status. I have loved the whole "journey" of learning towards this certification and it has added considerable value to my knowledge and capability.

-- Illana Cohney

Introduction to C Programming Part 1 - The most valuable part of this learning event was the quick and efficient introduction to C allowing me to get insight for future programming endeavors.

-- Alec Walsh

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers The most valuable part of this learning event was that I could follow along and pause when I needed to. It was a great course.

-- James Chagetas -

Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers. The most valuable part of this learning event was that the instructor spoke very clearly and was very knowledgeable of the content. I enjoy the Scratch application as a basic starting point.

-- Nicholas Northrup

Fundamentals of Operating Systems - I thought the way the course was broken into segments focusing on one part of the O/S was great. A good overview of o/s.

-- Eugene Leitner

COBIT 5 Foundation - The most valuable part of the course was the Real human presence registered. It makes a big difference in comparison with other courses available in the market.

-- Ernesto Matozza

ITIL 2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle The instructor is excellent. She provides valuable examples and context.

-- John Pappas

ITIL Foundation series - I just finished the ITIL Foundation series of videos and found them to be right on target. The exercises reinforced the training. I am happy to report that I was well prepared for the exam and have passed!!

-- Lori Finigian

ITIL 2011: Managing Across the Lifecycle. If I picked one single most valuable part of this course it would be the grading of answers using + - and 0. Such a simple thing has made it so much easier for me. I can't think of any improvements to suggest to this course; I think this is simply the best I have seen.

-- Ian Stevens

I just wanted to let you know I just passed my MALC exam with 92%. Why is this awesome? Because I tried 2 other times with two other training companies. Their material was difficult and it really didn't teach me how to apply all aspects in the lifecycle. Your material clearly delivered with its' "Who are you", "What do you need to do?", "What is the input?", "What's the output?" method as well as how to read and understand the exam questions is what contributed to my success. Thanks again.

-- James Etherton

I passed my ITIL Continual Service Improvement exam today with a 100% score!

-- Dolf van der Haven

ITIL 2011: Continual Service Improvement. Overall the quality of the video's was excellent; I experienced one 'crash' during a video, which was easily solved by watching it again. There is a suggested 'route' of taking the course, which is simply, watch all the videos, watch them again doing the exercises, do the sample exams. There is the facility to ask questions, which I can't comment on as I didn't use it. The lady presenting the CSI course, Helen Morris, was very clear throughout, offered some anecdotal evidence when needed as well as practical advice. Her voice was clear and precise and I found some of the more difficult concepts very easy under her tutelage. I also backed up the course by reading the ITIL CSI Book. BUT, you need a structured course to pass, at the price I paid this represented excellent value for money and I would heartily recommend GoGoTraining. I have no connection in any way with them, apart from being a satisfied customer. Oh, it is worth mentioning I just took and passed my exam with another partner from the site, PeopleCert, achieving 38/40 a 95% pass.

-- Ian Stevens

GogoTraining ESX and vSphere virtualization introductory video course totally exceeded my expectation. Before taking this course, I was somewhat reserved about taking a class via video. However I gave it a try. It turned out to be a great learning experience. Before the course, I had very little familiarity with the subject. From the course, I learned a lot. After this introductory course, I have a good general idea about VMWare virtualization, and now I know where to start on related projects. The course is well organized, and conveniently broken into small modules. The instructor is great, he presents complex technical information in easy to understand format. He also made the material interesting. I took this 6 hour course in two late evenings, well after midnight, and I did not fall asleep, so it speaks for itself. The quality of the video is excellent. My home Internet connection is basic DSL, and surprisingly I did not have to sit and wait until the media loads in the beginning. Overall, very good and convenient learning experience.

-- Sharon Kraynik

Gogotraining is one of the best training providers found online, I have passed Service Operations V2011 with 95% score!!, thanks to Dr.Suzanne for her continuous support and for her patience with me during the course.

-- Mohammad Ali Khankan

I have been taking the Oracle courses offered by GogoTraining and I really like the fact that they follow the criteria of Oracle University. This makes certification easier than any other online training available.

-- Carl Berner

I would like to thank Gogotraining for their excellent ITIL v3 2011 intermediate lifecycle courses. I have found their training material to be both informative and comprehensive, enabling me to have studied for and successfully completed all 5 lifecycle modules in just over 1 year. I have particularly enjoyed the trainers engaging styles of presentation with real world examples. It has been an excellent, flexible and cost effective alternative to classroom training. I would defiantly recommend to others.

-- John Davies

I would like to thank Mary Abdill for putting together two a great COBOL courses. I took Mary’s courses because I work with a lot of mainframe developers and wanted to sharpen my COBOL skills. The courses were put together very well and sharpened my COBOL skills quickly. If I need future training, I will use GogoTraining.

-- Raman Merugumala

I thoroughly enjoyed the online training provided by Gogo training. The course material was extensive and covered at length in all of the videos and materials. I was able to significantly increase my knowledge and understanding of storage from the CompTIA Storage+ powered by SNIA course. The course material was in depth but was also presented by the instructor, Howard Goldstein, in a format that was easy to understand. I highly recommend this course to anybody who would like a vender neutral approach to storage area networking

-- Greg Bergeson

Thank you so much for providing such a great product/service at such an affordable price.

-- Joel Weber

I recently went through the extraordinary training experience using the two products that were provided for me by GogoTraining : ITILV3 OSA and ITILV3 PPO video courses. The content was extremely accurate and the duration of the courses were concise enough to be able to complete them at least twice during a 5 day study schedule. For that reason I was able to pace myself and sit the two exams in the same week, obtaining astonishing scores of 36/40 and 40/40. And all these benefits at a very affordable price. This is really a new paradigm in the professional training scenario!

-- Ernesto Matozza

I want to thank everyone at GogoTraining for such a wonderful experience. I purchased the SOA in a Cloud Computing World class and it had some audio problems. Customer Service (mainly Karen) worked very hard to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. She even set up a personal training session with the instructor for the course! The instructor was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and the course was packed with great information. Add in the incredible customer service and the reasonable pricing and GoGo Training will be my training resource for a long time! I recommend that you check them out. Especially on the new vLearning technology they use. The audio and video are now fantastic!

-- Paul M. Dugas Jr.

I have taken a lot of courses both in the classroom and online and in my mind GogoTraining has the best value for the most informative technical training that I have seen available. The instructors are experts in their field with years of on-the-job experience. The presentation is complete and GoGoTraining offers some of the best DBA training courses I have ever taken. Specifically, the Oracle Database Series which covers some of the most advanced DBA concepts, including RAC , Dataguard implementation. The Red Hat Linux Essentials was especially helpful to me as well because before that I had mainly used windows for databases. After taking the course I was able to grasp Red Hat Linux well enough to install and configure it to run Oracle Databases 10g and 11g on Red Hat Linux.

-- Cameron Hays

I have just gone through your PMBOK 4th Edition course and ... I found it excellent. The detail and presentation of material was very good.

-- Nancy Campbell

I think the ability to enhance ones skill set in this competitive market is the best thing about GoGogh.  You can get all the training you need in one place for a very low price.

-- Bob Allen

I enjoy the online courses - helps me keep knowledge up to date without leaving the office.

-- Kevin McNally

GoGogh courses cater seemlessly with the critical demands of career.  The flexibility of courses allows me to not only efficiently balance career and personal/family life, it ensures that my lifestyle can continue by providing the professional level of training that I need to keep current with industry knowledge and trends.

-- Rick McQuaide

The topics of the GoGogh courses together with the instructor's video are very informative.  I also find the article feeds very helpful.

-- Honee Lynn Tan

Thanks for providing me with the ITSM Comprehensive Overview course which helped me with succeeding on ITIL V3 Foundation exam.

-- Muthusamy Jegatheesan

An interesting website from all the rest!  ITIL related content presented by a very knowledgeable and experienced professional.

-- Brian Meaney