DITS Live with Dr. Suzanne Van Hove Career Path Courses:

The ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy Certification is a senior level course/certification designed for individuals with three (3) or more years of management experience.  It focuses on the importance and challenges of creating an appropriate digital strategy to enable success across departments and organizations.  It also looks at how the digital business strategy can (and should) be integrated into the IT strategy and aligned with the wider organization’s goals.

The course explores the use of the ITIL framework to support organizations in their digital transformation journey by providing a structured and flexible approach for addressing service management challenges and utilizing the potential of modern technology to get the most value from digital technology.  It also adds a new perspective to the ITIL suite and elevates the discussion around ITIL concepts into strategic levels among companies and business leaders. 

Course Features

  • This course is taught by ITIL Expert and IT Service Management Leader, Dr. Suzanne Van Hove. 
  • When you take this course you have direct access to Suzanne to ask questions and gain from her experience.
  • This course in a self-paced on-demand course so you drive your training schedule.  
  • The course comes with 1 Year Access
  • Course Materials
  • You will receive 4 Case Study Assignments that Dr. Van Hove will grade.
  • Sample Exams
  • Exam Advice

ITIL 4 Practices

The course covers the following ITIL 4 practices to enable students to understand the factors that contribute to success in this arena:

  • Architecture Management
  • Measurement and Reporting 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Workforce and Talent Management

      Who Should Take This Course?

      This course is designed for professionals across organizations who would like guidance and certification in the practices that will enable them to help craft a digital vision, shape an IT and business strategy and drive organizational change including:

      • IT Service Managers
      • Business Directors
      • Heads of Departments
      • Experienced Professionals looking to advanced their career 
      • Seasoned Project Managers and Business Analysts who want to learn about IT Strategy


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      Video Title
      Meet Your Instructor Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
      4 min
      00: Course Introduction
      15 min
      01: DITS Case Study
      13 min
      02: DITS Overview
      11 min
      03: DITS and the Guiding Principles
      4 min
      04: Key Concepts Applied to Strategy
      10 min
      05: Products and Services
      20 min
      06: DITS and the SVS
      12 min
      07: Strategy Management (StM) Practice
      22 min
      08: DITS, SVS SVC Creating Value
      19 min
      09: Digital Disruption and Organizational Viability
      8 min
      10: VUCA (Practical Assignments)
      19 min
      11: Digital Transformation (Practical Assignments)
      15 min
      12: Digital Disruption and Organizational Viability
      6 min
      13: Influencing an Organizational Position
      11 min
      14: Digital Positioning Tools (Practical Assignments)
      10 min
      15: Digital Positioning Models (Practical Assignments)
      11 min
      16: Customer/Market Relevance and Operational Excellence
      12 min
      17: Omnichannel Delivery and Support
      10 min
      18: Achieving Operational Excellence
      10 min
      19: Service Optimization
      10 min
      20: Financial Aspects of DITS
      12 min
      21: Funding Projects, Products, Services
      9 min
      22: Service Financial Management (SFM) Practice
      9 min
      23: Portfolio Management Practice
      11 min
      24: Strategic Approaches for Digital Organizations (Practical Assignments)
      20 min
      25: Social Responsibility & Sustainability (Practical Assignments)
      8 min
      26: Risk and Opportunities
      24 min
      27: Risk Management (RM) Practice
      11 min
      28: Encouraging & Managing Innovation
      14 min
      29: Technology Adoption Lifecycle
      14 min
      30: Creating a Digital Strategy
      13 min
      31: Vision and Strategy
      14 min
      32: Using a Business Case for DITS
      15 min
      33: Implementing Digital Strategy
      10 min
      34: Architecture Management (AM) Practice
      11 min
      35: Workforce & Talent Mangement (WTM) Practice
      16 min
      36: Skills for Digital Leaders
      14 min
      37: Leadership Skills
      13 min
      38: Strategy Coordination & Implementation (Practical Assignments)
      12 min
      39: Large-Scale Transformation (Practical Assignments)
      9 min
      40: Parallel Operating Models (POMs)
      16 min
      41: Assessing the Success of a DITS
      10 min
      42: Objectives & Key Results (OKR)
      12 min
      43: Instrumenting Strategy
      9 min
      44: Measurement and Reporting (MR) Practice
      8 min
      45: Activities of a Digital Transformation Program (Practical Assignments)
      9 min
      46: Course Summary
      6 min
      Course Survey
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      Guiding principles and DITS

      • Apply the ITIL guiding principles to all aspects of DITS

      DITS Key Concepts Applied to Strategy

      •  Understand ‘digital’ concepts – digital technology, digital business, digital organization, digital transformation, digitization
      •  Differentiate between product and service management, digital and IT strategies, business strategies and business models
      •  Apply DITS principles to the service value system (SVS)

      DITS and Environmental Analysis

      •  Apply the SVS and the service value chain to markets that are digitally transforming
      •  Use PESTLE and the four dimensions to analyze the environment

      DITS, Digital Disruption, Organizational Viability

      •   Explain how the concepts of agile, resilient, lean, continuous, and co-creation define organizational viability
      •   Explain and apply VUC
      •   Explain the three levels of digital disruption
      •   Explain the factors that influence an organization’s market position
      •   Use a digital positioning tool

      Achieving Customer/Market Relevance and Operational Excellence

      • Define and apply the various approaches to achieve customer/market relevance
      • Show the relationship between the four dimensions and operational excellence
      • Discuss and apply the financial aspects of DITS (policies, portfolios, funding, charging, balancing innovation and operations)

      DITS, Risk, and Opportunities

      • Apply risk management to digital organization
      • Within DITS, identify and assess risk
      • Explain how to balance risk and opportunity (risk posture)
      • Managing innovation – what is it and how do you develop an innovation culture?

      Creating a Digital Strategy

      • Using a digital readiness assessment
      • Communicating a vision and strategy
      • Using business cases within DITS

      Implementing a Digital Strategy

      • Define operating models for a digital organization
      • Digital leadership skills/capabilities
      • Coordinate and implement strategy (large-scale, incremental, mergers/acquisitions, individual change)
      • Apply a parallel operating model (POM)
      • Assessing success of a DITS
      • Define and explain digital transformation activities


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      All students must have a minimum of three (3) years IT Managerial Experience in order to qualify to take this course.

      There are two paths to qualifying to take the Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) Course:

      • Take and complete the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification
      • Take and complete the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification

      Please note that if you are ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certified, after you take and successfully complete the DITS course you will have the DITS Certification and the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Designation.  If you come to this course from the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification, then you will need to take this course and the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Direct, Plan and Improve Course to hold the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Designation.

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      Dr. Suzanne Van Hove. owner of SED-IT, has successfully blended an award-winning career in higher education with a passion for IT Service Management. She understands the dynamics of how people learn and the best vehicles for content retention. She has developed and received accreditation of her own IT Service Management educational programs.

      Perhaps her greatest strength is developing training curriculum that is industry specific. This unique approach gives students practical, real life case studies that enable them to bring best practices to their respective organizations. Large and small organizations around the globe have benefited from her proprietary approach. With over 25 years’ experience, Suzanne brings a wealth of knowledge to every engagement – either in the classroom or boardroom. In 2011, Suzanne was recognized the itSMF USA ‘Industry Knowledge Contribution’ Award for her achievements in academia and industry.



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