Introductory Programming Courses Include Live Mentoring Sessions

Limited seats are available for two courses in July that include online video course material combined with weekly, 2-hour live mentoring sessions with the instructor.

The courses are introductory training for programming, including the following:

  • Programming for Non-Programmers: This course presents programming skills to the nonprogrammer. By the end of the course you will be creating programs to calculate square roots, asking for input from the user and moving graphics objects around the screen. This course hopes to prepare you for continuing your programming skills by moving onto other more traditional programming languages.
  • Introduction to C Programming: Introduction to C Programming Part 1 and Part 2 mentored online training introduces you to the C programming language. You will start with the layout of a C program and venture into control statements, loops, functions and basic I/O. Your development skills will continue in Part 2, where you will learn more complex data types such as arrays, structures and pointers. Solid programming techniques will continue to be emphasized.

The courses are part of nine unique online IT training courses with live mentoring sessions designed to fast-track career advancement opportunities as part of GogoTraining’s Mentor-Accelerated Summer IT Training Program.  The courses are scheduled in July of 2011 only, are affordable for anyone to take, and offer limited seats available.

These courses include the following student experience:

  1. WATCH online video course modules (assigned by week).
  2. DO hands-on lab work and exercises.
  3. ATTEND live, weekly online sessions with instructor.

The live, weekly online sessions allow students to:

  1. REVIEW the material watched during the previous week.
  2. DISCUSS the material with instructor including any questions.
  3. PREVIEW the material for the coming week.

Register today as seats are limited and filling up!