Should I Go Back to College or Take an Online Course?

Monday, 30 November, 2015

should i go back to college....

Going back to college after staring a career might be overwhelming for some, while to others it provides a second chance to pursue their dream career. It might arise from a need for career advancement or just a desire to learn. A lot of adults are returning to universities or opting for online courses. Over the years, adults returning back to colleges have increased. Some opt for a part-time online program while others go back to regular colleges.

Before enrolling in a degree program, you need to consider the following options:

 Reason you want to pursue it

 Energy and commitment required finishing it

 Learning mode: Regular or part-time

 Number of years required

 Source of funding a degree

Thanks to the changing times, going back to college has become much easier. As a professional, going back to college means learning a new skill along a pre-defined set of responsibilities, that is, family, parents, spouse etc. Nowadays, colleges offer weekend classes and flexible class times. A college prospectus provides a full view of the various options available. Before going back to college, ask yourself: Would a college degree enhance my job prospects? Can I afford it? How much time will it take?

When you go back to college after pursuing a career, you take with you experiences and skills that you developed on the job. You can always share your thoughts and experiences with the students. A lot of universities consider work experience an important requirement for a degree course.

If the degree you want to pursue is not available at a nearby college and you don’t want to travel, you can opt for an online course. Similarly for people who want to earn money while pursuing a degree, going back to a regular college is not an option. A growing number of employers also provide tuition reimbursement options. A number of colleges offer online training programs. Also termed as “distance education”, in an online course students can learn a skill without physically visiting a college. Online courses offer a customized timetable, video tutorials, weekly assignments, and online study resources.

If human interaction is what you crave and want to experience a student life, join a college. However, if you cannot afford a pay cut, and do not wish to compromise your family time, you can always opt for online courses. Whatever your choice, make sure to pick up the right course and the right degree and go build yourself an excellent and a rewarding career!

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Thursday, 26 November, 2015


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Learn Computer Programming Online

Monday, 23 November, 2015

learn computer programming online

If you plan to move into the field of software development or simply enjoy coding for the love of it, you should learn computer programming. Programming teaches us to focus, think, solve problems in a logical way, and test our ideas. In the digital world where computers have overtaken our daily tasks, computer programming has emerged as one of the most sought after professions. The fact that computer programming is not easy to learn makes it an ideal choice for those with clear logic.

To start learning computer programming online, you need to choose a language relevant to your requirement. Go for C, C++, and related languages for creating standalone computer apps, Java or JavaScript for making web plugins and mobile applications, or PHP for server side programming; the list is endless. There are a host of programming languages to choose from.

To learn a language, you can either go to a school or learn it online. With many universities and educational platforms offering resources and tools to learn computer programming online, one is spoilt for choice.

If you prefer face-to-face interaction, and a live instructor or professor, consider joining an intensive university or a college program. Local universities and colleges offer useful resources for programming skills. However, these courses might not be free.

In an online academy, a student learns at his/her own pace. Students are provided with online course material, practice exercises, online books for learning, helpful videos, and online tutorials by experts. In addition, project-based learning helps the student keep track of course progress, complete assignment-related tasks, and get online feedback. Free online tools like Mozilla’s Developer Network and Google’s University Consortium can also be used.

If you are new to the field of computer programming, you should consider trying the online programming videos on YouTube and free online books for download that teaches you programming from scratch. These can also be used for reference. Many universities offer structured courses. These online courses may have a fee, or provided free of charge. Some of the most popular online academies that offer free online courses are Codecademy, LearnStreet, Code Avengers, Udacity, and Khan Academy.

The trick to effectively learn computer programming online is constant motivation. You need to keep learning and trying your hands in different sets of programming languages. Once you are familiar with one language, move on to the next more complicated one. Remember to practice a lot, and try to keep up with the latest trends in the world of programming.

Happy coding!

Jobs in Computer Science

Monday, 16 November, 2015

Jobs in Computer Science

Traditionally the hottest job in the field of Computer Science was a software developer job, but times have changed. There are a host of options to choose from and there are many well-paid career opportunities in this field.

Across the globe, Computer Science graduates command some of the highest salaries. In recent times, the Computer Science field has seen tremendous growth. From a Security Architect to a Business Intelligence Analyst, the Computer Science field offers students a wide variety of jobs.

When staring your career in the field of Computer Science, you might be a Programmer; however, with training and experience, you graduate to take on other responsibilities, such as design, testing, and management. In order to advance in the field of Computer Science, you need to constantly upgrade your skills and learn new technologies. A specific role might require a specialization. For example, to work in an animation house, you might require a specialization in graphics.

Although staring at a screen is part of the package, do not consider it only as a computer-based job. It involves both technical and non-technical aspects. You will be working with people, and there will be a lot of team and client-specific communication and interaction. In addition to your programming skills, you need to groom your communication skills, soft-skills, and networking skills as well.

Some of the common employers in the field of computer science are IT companies, IT departments of companies, defense, and financial sector, among others.

As a Computer Science graduate, the job-profile related to your degree includes system analyst, database administrator, IT consultant, and network engineer. Whereas, the jobs where your degree might be useful includes job-profiles like IT trainer, technical author, and IT sales professional.

On the financial front, the Computer Science field looks pretty promising. As the demand for professionals in the field of Computer Science increases, the salary trend is going to go upwards. In the years to come, the field of Computer Science promises a lot of jobs and high salaries. However, salaries vary based on your specialization.

If you are looking for a career in the field of Computer Science, you should have a solid foundation in computer science basics. In addition, in this rapid and constantly changing industry, it is equally important to gain some specialization like security, database administration, or game development.

The future is uncertain and the field of Computer Science is constantly evolving. Therefore, Computer Science students should focus on building their basic skills and not just limit themselves to present trends.

Industries Best Fit for Online Learning

Monday, 9 November, 2015

Industries best fit for online learning

Specialization in a particular field is often based on the area of interest and latest trends. The field of computer science is constantly changing with new research topics being added everyday. With the availability of traditional school-based learning and access to online learning and resources, you need to choose the right fit. Luckily, there are so many different areas you can get into that are fit for an online learning experience.

Below is a list of industries that are best fit for learning online:

 Artificial Intelligence

 Asset Management

 Android Development

 Automated Debugging

 Business Intelligence

 Cloud Computing

 Computer Security

 Cyber Security

 Data Mining

 Database Administration

 Embedded Computing

 Game Development

 IT

 iOS Development

 Machine Learning

 Mobile App Programming

 Network Security

 Programming

 Risk Management

 Robotics

 Server Configuration

 Software Testing

 Technical Support

 Web Development

Online Training vs. Classroom Training

Monday, 2 November, 2015

Online training vs. Classroom training

Training is crucial for skills development and the entire training process must be efficient to ensure knowledge is being gained in the process. Training is made up of an entire process that begins with the assessment of the existing skills level of the participant, hone their skills further, and impart useful knowledge to them in a structural manner. The process of training concludes with the final assessment of the participants to check the level of improvement as well as to understand the efficacy of the training program.

The advancement of technology has impacted the training process. Unlike earlier training methods, which primarily included classroom training, new methods driven by technological progress has led to several forms of online training methods.

Classroom Training

Classroom training involves face-to-face training, where a single trainer coaches several participants. The training is conducted in person and the trainer is able to gauge the participation level of the participants on the basis of their body language. The participants also get a chance to speak to the trainer in a personal manner.

Online Training

Online training can be in multiple forms. There can be one-way training through a webinar, where the trainer speaks with a large number of participants who are able to listen and watch the trainer, but the trainer is unable to see them. In another training format, the trainer imparts a two way training where the participants also actively participate. This can be single person training or training to an entire group.

Key Differences

In an online training program, if the trainer is imparting training to a single participant, the response of the participant is partially perceptible to the trainer. However, if there are a large number of participants, the trainer will not be able to exactly gauge the level of participation of the individual group members.

To the contrary, in classroom training, the trainer can not just clearly view the participants, but can also move amongst them, thereby ensuring that their participation level remains high. This is where a classroom training method beats online training.

Online training, however, offers more flexibility and is very cost effective. The trainer and the participants do not have to travel to the training destination and can interact with each other from any part of the world. Also, online training is more convenient in terms of time and resources.

The final decision for choosing a specific training method depends upon several factors such as the nature of the training and the types of participants. If the participants are professionals and are mature enough to understand the seriousness of the training program, online training is useful as the trainer does not have to constantly monitor their participation and interest levels.

If the training program involves participants who require constant monitoring, and the infrastructure is available, classroom training is a better option for such training programs.

It’s up to you to decide what option is best fit for your lifestyle.