Spotlight: Java Developer Training Program

Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

GogoTraining recently released 11 new developer training programs.  One of them, the Java Developer Training Program, is very worth looking into for those who are interested in not only Java development but eventually going into Android mobile app development.

Java is already a very widely used language.  We encounter instances of it being used without even realizing it most of the time.  It’s not only used online.  Java can be found as an embedded system in a wide variety of home, auto and office products.

The job market for Java is truly robust.  A recent search for “java developer” on popular job sites yielded approximately 10,000 open positions.  The current average salary for a Java software or applications developer is $79,135, with senior engineers and architects climbing into $125,000 and more.

The Java Developer Training Program is comprised of six online, self-paced courses.  It includes the GogoTraining Programming Essentials Pack of two initial courses meant for those with no programming background.  Student with a programming background can consider forgoing those first two courses and going right into the C Programming set of two, and then the Java Programming set of two.

Learn more about the Java Develper Training Program, including course details and our very affordable pricing.

GogoTraining Releases 11 New IT Developer Training Programs

Tuesday, 24 May, 2011

GogoTraining has released eleven new self-paced, online training programs designed to allow students with no previous programming knowledge to train for careers in major programming languages.

The training programs are a breakthrough for people with nothing more than general computer skills and familiarity to pursue a career in software.  Similar training programs are either much high in cost or require initial experience and knowledge that exclude most people.

“Our new training programs are geared to open up the market and make programming and software development a viable career option for literally anyone who is interested and has an Internet-capable computer,” said Marianne Cherney, CEO of GogoTraining.  The programs are taught by leading experts with years of experience.  The courses are easy to use and students have access to them for one year following purchase, including the ability to ask the instructor questions.

The programs are also offered at a fraction of the cost compared to other IT training providers with less- than-comparable training programs.  Competing programs are almost never designed for non-programmers and cost upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 or more per student.  Almost all of the GogoTraining Developer Training Programs are very affordably priced between $500 and $800 per person.  Volume discounts are available upon request.

“Recruiting in IT has risen sharply and demand for selections in our 140+ course catalog have skyrocketed, however those without IT skills interested in programming have always has been an underserved market,” said Tim Salam, Director of Marketing for GogoTraining.  “People with business skill sets are looking for a way to enter the lucrative world of software development and this is it.  We have worked hard to meet that market in an affordable and accessible way.”  The programs are also suitable for those seeking to learn additional software languages as the core courses are available to be purchases separately.

Learn more about the GogoTraining Developer Training Program or see one of the specific training programs below:

  1. Become a C Developer
  2. Become a C# Developer
  3. Become a Java Developer
  4. Become an Objective-C Developer
  5. Become a COBOL Developer
  6. Become a SQL Developer
  7. Become an Android Developer
  8. Become an iPhone Developer
  9. Become a Perl Developer
  10. Become a Python Developer
  11. Become a Ruby Developer

Sneak Peek: Intro to Programming for Non-Programmers

Monday, 16 May, 2011

GogoTraining is working on getting set to offer training programs for programming languages that allow a non-programmer to train for and get involved in these fields.

One of the courses involved in a newly released training course called “Introduction to Programming for Non-Programmers.”  Check it out to get a sneak peek.  Programs will be availble for things like Java, C, Android, iOS, and many more.

Stay tuned for the release of our programmer training programs, there is something in them for truly anyone!

Major Growth in IT Job Market

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

There is more evidence of the IT sector being on the leading edge of emergence from the economic recession.

According to the most recent Report on Jobs by the KPMG and Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the IT sector in the UK has risen in demand of permanent positions to levels seen five years ago before the recession entered full swing.  IT jobs have outpaced engineering and construction jobs.  REC Technology Chair Jeff Brooks indicates that to keep meeting the rise in demand with skilled workers there must be a focus on ensuring prospective workers are well trained and educated.

Also, an informal tracking of open IT jobs shows a 46% lift over April 2010 in the American market.  While almost everything has seen a strong increase, the greatest rises appear to exist in SQL, Oracle, C#, Python, Ruby, HTML5, IBM, VMWare, Linux, Android and other skill sets to do with social media and cloud computing.

Are you ready to be picked for one of these outstanding opportunities?  GogoTraining has the IT training you need to make your mark.

Is Tech Booming Again? San Fransisco Says Maybe

Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

Tech is flying high again in the Bay City, by some estimates higher than the Dot Com boom of the late 1990’s.

San Fransisco, California is fabled for various things through the ages, many being of the economic variety.  The California Gold Rush of the mid-nineteenth century caused what was a small town of 1,000 to balloon to over 25,000 people.  In the 1990’s it became one of the homes to the Dot Com boom when literally hundreds of tech startups were fueled by the excitement of a developing Internet and unchecked rivers of venture capital.  It also took a beating when that boom went bust.

San FransiscoToday, tech remains an important part of the economy and is seeing an irrefutable re-emergence.  VC investment and IPOs are increasing.  Job growth is riding on the coattails of that influx.  The approximate peak of tech jobs in San Fransisco was 32,800 in Q1 of 2001.  After bottoming out in Q1 of 2004 at 17,100, the end of 2010 had it back up to 30,700.  Everyone in the industry says the numbers are assuredly higher now, potentially over the previous peak.

Just as telling is the office space getting snapped up.  Rents are climbing in Palo Alto, Cupertino and SoMa (South of Market) district, fueled by largely by news leases from tech firms.  According to real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle, there was 2.5 million square feet of space already leased by tech since the start of 2010 and 90 companies are looking for 2.3 million square feet more.

Tech segments that were in comparative infancy a few years ago are leading the way, including social media, cloud computing, and mobile application development.  The price-to-earnings ratio shows a much more grounded perspective than what happened in the 1990’s, with tech companies today averaging 16 (versus a heady 70 before the bust).

It is clear that growth is strong in one modern-day’s IT haunts and hopes are that it will spill over into the greater job market nationally and internationally.  Early signs indicate upward trends all around with IT being a leading growth industry coming out of the down economy.

For those looking to ride the rising wave, investing in education for key areas like Android developer training, project management training, ITIL training, and networking training, there is sure to be an open market of job opportunities.

6 Super Hot Training Topics

Tuesday, 10 May, 2011

The economy is emerging and IT is one of the business segments leading the way.   There are great jobs to be had with employers of all sizes and types.  Training is a great way to get up to speed or refreshed so that you can be positioned at the head of the pack.

Here are six red-hot areas in which you should get training:

Business Intelligence: It’s all about data.  Companies have oceans of data and they continue to fill with more.  They need information on business performance, benchmarking, sales trends, customer insights.  It is all ripe for the taking and ready to go if only people knew how to push and pull the data around until it turned into information.  There is very real money inside those databases, money companies would be pleased to obtain and happy to pay you to get it as long as you have business intelligence training.

Storage: Moving and keeping the data is of big concern now with the onset of cloud computing.  Companies are keeping more and more data in the cloud to facilitate productivity.  I/O and storage training offer opportunities as the cloud grows in popularity with IT departments.

ITIL: Managing IT for business success means a few disciplines are in order, a major one being IT service management.  ITIL is playing a larger and larger role with companies who are refocusing IT to be about business instead of infrastructure.  Those with ITIL training and certification have a lot to offer today’s IT workplace.

Project Management: In the same vein as ITIL, project management is key in delivering beneficial results.  Management skills are increasing in importance for IT workers to have as increased demand for services and introduction of cloud vendors ultimately means a lift in projects to manage.  Project management training and certification is the direction to take for those wanting to contribute positively to that sort of environment.

Networking: The handling of data has continued to be a critical segment of the IT industry and has especially seen change with cloud computing.  Managing and maintaining complex network environments is not just about performance but also about business security and integrity.  Networking training is available on introductory and advanced topics for people wanting to be in demand for this still-growing segment.

Programming: Projects are being revived or created left and right.  Many of them were mothballed while layoffs were at their worst in recent years but are seeing the light of day again.  Open positions for programmers have risen in the last six or more months and many large employers are hiring crowds of them to cover projects.  Programming and application development training is an outstanding investment for someone looking for a career in which to get established.

GogoTraining provides classroom-quality IT training courses taught by industry experts in an online, self-paced and affordable format.  For more outstanding IT and management training opportunities, check out the GogoTraining online IT course catalog.

CS Graduates Seeing Better Playing Field in 2011

Monday, 9 May, 2011

The economy has improved for graduates hitting the field with computer science degrees.  According to, companies are planning to hire almost 20% more graduates this year.

Last year was tough for many people trying to get in, graduates and experienced workers alike.  Employers were averaging roughly 40 applicants for every open position.  That average has dropped significantly to about 21 applicants this year.  With job creation running at a generally consistent clip for some time, graduates are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Demand for skills reaches across the IT field.  Networking and storage skills are being sought by those gearing up to be a Cloud vendor.  Security skills are in demand in both corporate and government.   Application developers for web, mobile and software are finding homes in small as well as enterprise-level employers.

Computer science graduates can supplement their degrees with focused skill training in the hottest IT topics of today.  GogoTraining is a leading provider of high-quality training taught by industry experts, available online and affordable (even for graduates!).  Example areas of interest include:

4 Top Reasons Why Training Can Keep You Employed

Friday, 6 May, 2011

The economy is becoming consistent in adding new jobs on a month-to-month basis.  While this is good news, does that mean if you are currently employed then you’re “safe?”  Not even close.

Layoffs continue, just not in the massive waves as they were happening a year and or two ago.  Today, companies are continuing what they started a good while ago: re-evaluating their priorities, killing bad projects, creating or resurrecting good projects and going through their list of personnel to let go anyone who doesn’t align with the new plan.  That could be you.

Training is an effective way to stay in the game.  Here’s how you can leverage training to do so.

  • Training shows you are interested in the company.  Determining what training you need means having a conversation with your manager about what is needed.  That is a great conversation to have that shows your manager you want to know what more you can do for the company.
  • Training shows you go an extra mile.  It’s surprising how many people don’t do this, especially considering the company will pay if you simply present a viable training opportunity.
  • Training builds skill.  There’s no way around it, adding education to your hands-on daily activity is a plus all around.  Nothing bad ever happened by being exposed to new ideas and concepts.
  • Training generates motivation.  People very often leave a training experience feeling energized and empowered.  You can ride this wave into all sorts of productive and creative experiences that will be positively recognized.

GogoTraining offers outstanding technical and management training for IT professionals.  Our courses are taught by industry experts in an online, self-paced format.  Best of all, they are affordable for individuals (and save companies a bundle).

To take the same high-quality training courses the big guys pay thousands for, check out the GogoTraining online IT course catalog.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Hired at Boeing

Monday, 2 May, 2011

Boeing is on the hunt for new IT staff in anticipation of a coming wave of retiring IT workers at the large aerospace company.  Between 5 and 10 years from now it is reported that “a tremendous amount” of IT employees at Boeing are going to be ready for retirement.

In an interview with, Donald Lang, Director of IT with Boeing Military Aircraft, indicated the situation arose during economic downturns through a lack of new hiring and retention focused on those with senior experience.

Glenn Cook, Boeing’s Director of Global Staffing, also indicates stronger hiring on the manufacturing side.  “I would expect we’ll see more hiring through this year, and probably well into 2012 at least,” Cook told KING 5 News in Everett, Washington.  Boeing plans to hire 4-5,000 workers in 2011 alone.

The Washington Employment Security Department has set up workshop sessions for people looking to work for Boeing and other aerospace providers in the area.  Paul Trause, Commissioner of the WESD, mentioned there are over 200 aerospace companies inside Washington State.  One tip that was offered: Trause says 75 percent of the people who apply to Boeing get screened out because they don’t accurately describe their skill sets.  Programs like what the WESD offer are looking to change that.

For more resources on finding aerospace work in Washington State:

For resources on affordable IT training, see the GogoTraining online IT training course catalog.