Top 5 technologies in 2015

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015

Technology has impacted every aspect of human lives. Technology which was almost non-existent a couple of decades ago are now used by billions of people around the globe and every day we see a new technology being introduced to use. Some of these are minor while some of them make a significant impact on our lives. Let’s have a look at some of the major technologies that will change the way live in the years to come.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things or the IoT is one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs that we have witnessed in the recent times. Internet is primarily used for communication and access to information. Moving a step forward, internet is now also being used to manage things around us. The technology has already existed for a while but it has gained traction in 2015 and will soon be a part of our lives. Internet will soon be used to control devices and manage things. Everything around us will be connected with each other through the internet. Soon you will be able to check the list of things in your refrigerator on your mobile device and based on the requirement can shop for it. There are several such applications of the Internet of Things that will be a part of our lives very soon.

3D Printing

3D Printing is expected to be the next big thing and has tremendous applications. The technology already has several commercial and industrial applications and soon it will be widely used for medical purposes. Medical students will be able to study 3D printed body parts and organs. 3D printed prosthetic limbs will be available shortly and these will be of far superior quality than the currently available prosthetic limbs. Research is underway for developing prosthetic ears, skin tissues, dental implants and even skin using 3D technology.

Cloud Computing

With the advances in mobile technology, people now use more than one device and also change them frequently. This has given rise to the requirement of easy sharing of data. Businesses operate on a global scale and require their employees to work on the same applications or information. It is also important that the information accessible to them is updated. Cloud computing has seen tremendous fillip in the recent years and 2015 has seen this technology grow exponentially. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple offer cloud computing solutions and it is fast becoming a part of our lives.

Driverless cars

Google has been testing driverless cars and there are several other car companies experimenting with driverless cars. Some of these companies have displayed their driverless cars in their respective expos this year and soon these will be running on our roads.


The wearable industry is fast expanding and most of the large smartphone manufacturers have been introducing products such as smartwatches. Companies like Samsung and LG introduced their watches last year while Apple’s Watch was announced last year in September and was launched this year in April. In September 2015, at its annual fall event, Apple introduced several new updates and apps for its Watch. One of the most interesting app is iTranslate capable of translating words from over 90 languages.