Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Programming

Monday, 28 December, 2015

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Computer programming in itself is a very specialized domain. In order to get a job in computer programming aspirants must be affluent with software and coding pertaining to the job requirement. As the skill set pertaining to this job domain requires an individual to be well versed with various programming languages and problem solving attributes, the pay scale for jobs pertaining to this domain is high compared to other domains. The highest paying jobs in computer programming have been listed as follows (Source: http://www.computersciencezone.org/50-highest-paying-jobs-computer-science/).

Applications Architect

Salary range: $66,000 – $183,000

The requirements of an application architect include project management capabilities, software development experience and broad knowledge of software used within the company. The application architect defines the architecture of the application within an organization and oversees the entire software application development endeavor in an organization along with interacting with various senior level personals pertaining to the same portfolio.

Applications Development Manager

Salary range: $86,000 – $162,000

He or she is responsible for overseeing the software applications that are internally developed within an organization along with interacting with senior level personals for various application requirements. This job requires senior level experience in database designing.

Information Systems Security Manager

Salary range: $115,000 – $160,000

The Information Systems security manager is responsible for overseeing all IT security needs and manage data privacy and security within an organization. He or she is responsible for documenting and implementing policies pertaining to information security.

Software Engineer

Salary range: $61,000 – $160,000

The role of the software engineer varies from software testing to software development roles. The software engineer is responsible for creating, testing or documenting software according to an organization’s requirements.

Network Architect

Salary range: $78,000 – $156,000

The network architect is required to design, test and upgrade networks like LAN, WAN, Internet, VoIP etc and incorporate any new business requirement pertaining to these. The requirement to become a network architect is to have around five years of experience as a network engineer.

Data Warehousing Manger

Salary range: $115,000 – $154,000

This job requires a person to collect business data from internal or external sources and perform data analysis along with interacting with stakeholders to incorporate business requirements.

Quality Assurance Manager

Salary range: $67,000 – $150,000

The quality Assurance Manager is required to manage a team of software testing quality specialists consisting of quality testers, analysts and leads. They are also required to attend project meetings for upgrading software within the organization.

These are the top few of the many highly paid jobs pertaining to the area of computer programming.

Get Your Dream Job by Learning to Program

Monday, 21 December, 2015

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In the modern world, computer programming and coding does not land a person to only software programming jobs. In fact, programming has gained huge prospect in several types of jobs to date. In the present day, starting from car designing and sports, to fashion and art industry, everywhere the need to program is prevalent. Due to this vast outlook that the programming field has gained, a person can surely find their dream job, in any career, by learning to program.

Programming is the essence of today’s world. With the IT boom each and every job field has some sort of programming and coding involved in them. In fact, in the UK, according to a survey, it was seen that almost 60% of the population considered coding and programming to be an essential skill set for getting jobs. But sadly, only 10% of the UK adults know how to code or program (Sources: Go ON UK, YouGov and O2).

Get Your Dream Job Through Programming

Apart from software programming jobs, a person can follow his passion and opt for jobs in the following fields if he or she learns to program.

Car Designing 

Nowadays, the best job that a programmer can get is in the field of designing cars. With the help of software, the performance of designs under real conditions can be analyzed. Engineer Jamie Davis used the programming technique to analyze accident test data for designing luxury cars.

Fashion Designing

In the area of fashion designing, artists are creating their design collections using design and stimulation software. Thus, through programming they are able to create the best patterns in the fashion industry.

Art and Culture

Nowadays, artists are moving away from their traditional way of showcasing their works in exhibitions. Instead many have opted to create their own online exhibition store by learning how to program. By learning HTML and other website designing programs, people can pursue their career as artists and exhibiting their work online.

Sports Industry

In this industry, the performance of players are tracked and analyzed by analysts using software. Tom Forrest, a football fan, joined a sports media company in 2012. Using programming he built software to analyze player performance using on screen graphics. Computer programming in the present scenario has spread its wings to almost every kind of job. Those jobs which once had no relation to computer technology are now guided by programming.

With the advent of the year 2020, it has been predicted that almost one million new technology jobs will get filled. There is indeed a vast opportunity in this field in the coming years.

Apps to Learn on the GO

Monday, 14 December, 2015

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Mobile Technology has expanded on an exponential scale. Along with innovation in newer versions of smartphones and tablets every year, we see several new applications coming up to suit these devices. These applications provide interactive and entertaining platforms for users to study, discover and learn new things.

There are several applications that all users must be aware of. People with smart phones and tablets must download these applications as these may prove to be extremely useful to them. Some of the applications are listed below.

 Duolingo

Duolingo is the best free language learning application. This app provides courses in several languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian etc along with high emphasis on vocabulary and grammar.

Available in: iTunes- Google Play- Duolingo.com

 TED Education

TED education provides the user with a platform consisting of inspirational and educational articles and happenings around the world. One can read a variety of articles and get knowledge of global instances.

Available in: iTunes- Google Play- TED.com.

 Curious

This application comprises of several free and paid tutorials. People can download this application if they have a tendency to learn things regarding various aspects of life like how to run, how to exercise, how to avoid strangers etc.

Available in: iPhone- iPad- Curious.com.

 VideoJug

This application is similar to Curious with more emphasis on the topics along with video equipped articles. Articles comprise of aspects of day to day life like fitness tips, grooming, art, music etc.

Available in: iTunes- Google Play- VideoJug.com.

 Lift

This application is used for obtaining coaching and mentoring for several issues. This is not exactly a learning tutorial platform but instead it helps a person to have better living by improving or changing habits through mentoring.

Available in: iTunes- Google Play- Lift.do.

Youngest Computer Programmers & How They Did It

Monday, 7 December, 2015

youngest computer programmers and how they did it

We have heard a lot about child prodigies or gifted children. Although, most of them are gifted, some have been lucky to get a favorable environment. Behind the limelight, these young achievers try to balance their lives. They try to keep their feet firmly on the ground while aiming high in life.

Here is a bit about some young achievers:

Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha (Age 6)

Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha, termed as a child prodigy from Bangladesh, began computing when he was seven months old. By age four, he already knew how to program and download game emulators. He has played more than 700 games and mastered video games like Metal Gear Solid and Modern Warfare. He aims to become a computer expert, and work for a big computing firm.

Zoya Ball (Age 7)

Zoya Ball snagged the title of the youngest person to create a full-version mobile application video game. The app created in Bootstrap programming language helps children aged 12 to 16 understand complex mathematics. Studying at Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School, in West Philadelphia, she picked up the tricks at Harambee’s 48-week after-school program offered by STEMnasium Learning Academy.

Marko Casalan (Age 8)

A boy from Macedonia, Marko Casalan is the youngest Microsoft-certified computer programmer. Raised by parents who run a private school specializing in computer studies, Marko was able to read and write at the age of two. An administrator with Microsoft at the age of six, he aims to be a computer scientist and develop a new operational system.

Pranav Kalyan (Age 9)

Introduced to the world of computers at the age of two, Pranav Kalyan is the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Capable of solving complex problems in integral and differential calculus, he began writing small software programs when he was six years old. A fourth grader at Willow Elementary School in Agoura Hills, California, he passed the MCTS test in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 in January 2013.

Lim Ding Wen (Age 9)

The person behind the Doodle Kids app, Lim Ding Wen became the youngest iPhone developer at age 9. Hailing from Singapore, he can develop programs in Java, JavaScript, Action Script, and Objective-C. He rewrote the Doodle Kids for the iPhone and then Android platforms. Right now he is working on an iPad arcade game, Invader War 2.

Mahmoud Wael (Age 14)

At 14 years of age, Mahmoud Wael is qualified to teach C++ in master’s courses. He learned to read, write, and speak English in just three months. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Wael possesses an IQ of 155, and is a Cisco Certified Networking Professional and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. He dreams to win a Nobel Prize.

We wish them all the best!