4 Top Reasons Why Training Can Keep You Employed

The economy is becoming consistent in adding new jobs on a month-to-month basis.  While this is good news, does that mean if you are currently employed then you’re “safe?”  Not even close.

Layoffs continue, just not in the massive waves as they were happening a year and or two ago.  Today, companies are continuing what they started a good while ago: re-evaluating their priorities, killing bad projects, creating or resurrecting good projects and going through their list of personnel to let go anyone who doesn’t align with the new plan.  That could be you.

Training is an effective way to stay in the game.  Here’s how you can leverage training to do so.

  • Training shows you are interested in the company.  Determining what training you need means having a conversation with your manager about what is needed.  That is a great conversation to have that shows your manager you want to know what more you can do for the company.
  • Training shows you go an extra mile.  It’s surprising how many people don’t do this, especially considering the company will pay if you simply present a viable training opportunity.
  • Training builds skill.  There’s no way around it, adding education to your hands-on daily activity is a plus all around.  Nothing bad ever happened by being exposed to new ideas and concepts.
  • Training generates motivation.  People very often leave a training experience feeling energized and empowered.  You can ride this wave into all sorts of productive and creative experiences that will be positively recognized.

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