Tips & Tricks for Getting Hired at Boeing

Boeing is on the hunt for new IT staff in anticipation of a coming wave of retiring IT workers at the large aerospace company.  Between 5 and 10 years from now it is reported that “a tremendous amount” of IT employees at Boeing are going to be ready for retirement.

In an interview with, Donald Lang, Director of IT with Boeing Military Aircraft, indicated the situation arose during economic downturns through a lack of new hiring and retention focused on those with senior experience.

Glenn Cook, Boeing’s Director of Global Staffing, also indicates stronger hiring on the manufacturing side.  “I would expect we’ll see more hiring through this year, and probably well into 2012 at least,” Cook told KING 5 News in Everett, Washington.  Boeing plans to hire 4-5,000 workers in 2011 alone.

The Washington Employment Security Department has set up workshop sessions for people looking to work for Boeing and other aerospace providers in the area.  Paul Trause, Commissioner of the WESD, mentioned there are over 200 aerospace companies inside Washington State.  One tip that was offered: Trause says 75 percent of the people who apply to Boeing get screened out because they don’t accurately describe their skill sets.  Programs like what the WESD offer are looking to change that.

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