Spotlight: Java Developer Training Program

GogoTraining recently released 11 new developer training programs.  One of them, the Java Developer Training Program, is very worth looking into for those who are interested in not only Java development but eventually going into Android mobile app development.

Java is already a very widely used language.  We encounter instances of it being used without even realizing it most of the time.  It’s not only used online.  Java can be found as an embedded system in a wide variety of home, auto and office products.

The job market for Java is truly robust.  A recent search for “java developer” on popular job sites yielded approximately 10,000 open positions.  The current average salary for a Java software or applications developer is $79,135, with senior engineers and architects climbing into $125,000 and more.

The Java Developer Training Program is comprised of six online, self-paced courses.  It includes the GogoTraining Programming Essentials Pack of two initial courses meant for those with no programming background.  Student with a programming background can consider forgoing those first two courses and going right into the C Programming set of two, and then the Java Programming set of two.

Learn more about the Java Develper Training Program, including course details and our very affordable pricing.