Spotlight: Ruby Developer Training Program

In a continued review of GogoTraining’s recently-released Developer Training Programs we take a look at another one: the Ruby Developer Training Program.

Ruby is a flexible and dynamic language that offers development teams or individuals a shorter development time, better cost efficiency (over other web application languages), and easier code changes.  It’s popularity has steadily risen on the strength of being a useful language in web applications such as e-commerce, content management and more.

The job market for Ruby is large.  Ruby is a great skill to add to any resume focused on web application development.  In mid-2011, a search for “ruby developer” on popular job sites yielded approximately 1,400 open positions. On one site, Ruby was mentioned as a desirable skill in over 8,000 open positions.  In 2011, the average salary for a developer with Ruby included in their skill set is $70,070.

The Ruby Developer Training Program has three online, self-paced courses.  It includes the GogoTraining Programming Essentials Pack of two initial courses meant for those with no programming background.  Students with a programming background can consider forgoing those first two courses and going right into the Introduction to Ruby course (which is sold separately as well).

Learn more about the Ruby Develper Training Program, including course details and very affordable pricing.