Future of a Java Professional


Present Scenario

Java programming is one of the most renowned platforms where an individual can choose to work. With the advent of technology, this programming domain has experienced an exponential rise and hence provides an individual with many opportunities. Java programming jobs are in abundance in today’s word and many people choose it as their career path.

In the present scenario, the scope of professionals in this domain is high and people with expertise in Java get hired without delay. However, professionals must follow a strategy in order to survive in this ever evolving Java environment.

Future of Java

The concept of Java programming will keep on evolving with time and a professional in this domain has to upgrade his knowledge on a regular basis in order to cope with the programming requirements. The Java programming language will continue to exist, however with time there may be further change in forms, styles and frameworks used to write codes.

The explanation is simple. As new programming languages continue to evolve, Java has to upgrade itself regularly in order to survive the competition. Thus, the strategy that a Java professional should use is ‘future proofing’ himself against all odds and keep himself upgraded with each and every version of Java that evolves in the market on a regular basis.

Future Proofing Strategy

Take an example of the latest version of Java: Java 8. It is the latest release of Java that contains new features, enhancements, greater bug fixation capabilities and improved efficiency. Since this has come up recently, professionals who are experts in previous versions should make themselves familiar with this environment as soon as possible. This will improve their chances of getting hired in the future in several organizations which will use Java 8 functionalities. 

Will Java Survive?

As Java is a very established programming language, people can rest assured that it won’t go obsolete all of a sudden. Programming languages may continue to emerge, but the strong platform that Java has created will remain unharmed even 10-15 years from now.

There will always be jobs available for Java programmers no matter what the situation is. However, in order to survive in this evolving Java environment, which is getting more sophisticated and modern day by day, professionals must also evolve their skill-set in order to excel.