How To Secure Your Future and Save $462 Billion

Wednesday, 27 June, 2012

Did you know, that globally organizations store about 2.2 zettabytes of business data and pay $1.1 trillion to store and secure it annually (Symantec 2012 Information Survey)?

  • Stored data represents about 49% of an organization’s worth
  • 42% of data is “duplicate” data – costing $462 billion to store and secure
  • Problem:  There are just not enough Storage Professionals

Here’s How to Secure your Future

Get into storage today and be part of the solution.  One of the fastest growing segments in IT is Storage.  The growth in this area is exponential and the shortage of qualified professionals is severe.  In order to bridge the gap CompTIA and the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) have created a Storage+ Curriculum and Certification program.

Here’s How to Get Ready for Certification

  • Train a group of people at your location – apx. $18,000 or
  • Take a Public 5 day classroom course – apx. $2,500/person or
  • Learn at your own pace  – 4 course series $1,400/person

Use The Only CompTIA Certified Online Learning Provider – GogoTraining

Get the training you need online at 1/2 the price with GogoTraining’s CompTIA Certified online training course – the only certified online course in the world.  Key features include:

  • Save 50% – only $1,400 for all 4 courses
  • Train for 1 Year
  • Ask the instructor questions
  • Get a set of course materials
  • Practice with quizzes and solutions
  • Order by July 31, 2012 and save $200 with coupon code: JulyStorage200

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What is Storage+ and What Can it do for You?

Thursday, 7 June, 2012

Here is a great video on the new CompTIA Storage+  Powered by SNIA certification.  Learn what is it, why it is important and what it will do for you?  Great video from IBM Edge 2012 conference in Orlando.

Is There An IT Skills Gap?

Monday, 2 April, 2012

According to The State of the IT Skills Gap published by CompTIA the answer is YES. Not only is there a skills gap, but it is impacting productivity.

This makes us ask 2 questions:  (1) How did we get here; and (2) What do we do about it?

How Did We Get Here?

In answer to how did we get here the answer is pretty simple.  When times get tough one of the first things to go is the training budget.  Seems that somehow executives forget that it takes employees armed with the best technical skills to keep their organizations competitive.  Stopping training is like going to sleep when winter sets in.  Executives believe that if they cut as much as possible they will live until Spring.  However, in their case, when Spring comes nothing will be in bloom because they didn’t plant the training seeds of success.

What Can We Do About It?

In answer to what do we do about it?  The answer may seem simple, but it is not.  You can’t just say train, train, train.  Organizations and individuals need to do a skills gap analysis to determine where they are and where they need to be and then identify the many ways they can get there.  The skills gap analysis does not have to be complicated.  In fact, we offer a FREE 10 Step Guide to Training Success that helps individuals and organizations to help them in this process.  If you would like a copy you can sign up for a Free Account or send us an email request and we will be happy to send it out to you.

There are many great ways to get up to speed quickly and they each depend on a number of factors.  In the coming week we will be posting information on classroom training, online training and self-paced training.  If you have any questions you would like me to answer, send me an email at

Trained, Certified Staff on Security Manager’s Wish List

Friday, 21 January, 2011

There have been many reflections on the breaches in security that came out of 2010.  Continued growth in Internet usage powered by hot technologies like social media, smartphones, tablets and cloud computing present significant implications for security.

A.N. Ananth, CEO of Prism Microsystems, offered some insight on a security manager’s wish list for 2011 based on recent developments.  Toward the top end?  Trained, certified security experts on staff.

“Every CISO feels understaffed for the challenges at hand,” writes Ananth.  “Most organizations have already made investments in security tools – but having a trained staff that knows how to use them for maximum effectiveness is as important as having those tools.”

GogoTraining offers training courses for two of the most sought-after security certifications, including:

CompTIA Security+ certification training courses

CISSP® certification training courses